By now, you probably know that we’ve introduced a series of e-classes this year. Just in time for the holidays we’re happy to share we’re adding EVEN MORE e-classes to our DIY roster: Knitting 101, Sketching 101, Hand-Lettering Basics and Photography for Bloggers.

We’ve partnered with some amazing experts to bring you this latest round of classes. Whether you’re looking to knit your new favorite accessory, create artwork for your home, letter your own cards this holiday season or bring your photo game to the next level — these classes are perfect for sharpening your DIY skills!

Like always, we’ve designed these classes to teach you all the fundamentals you need to know in less than an hour. Each class is yours forever and comes with all the supplies you’ll need, ready for purchase in our shop.

Now, let’s take a deeper look all of these new classes:

Knitting 101

Knitting 101: Jade Harwood isn’t just a knitting pro — she’s the co-founder of Wool & the Gang, a company committed to all things handknit. Jade will teach you everything you need to know to become a superstar knitter. In this class, you’ll learn how to hold the needle, pick the very best yarn and how to make basic stitches. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to rock your own hand knit snood. Get the kit here.

Sketching 101

Sketching 101: Mary Phan is the Creative Director behind the beloved design company, Very Mary Inspired. When it comes to sketching, she’s a master. Get ready to learn all the basics of sketching, including: how to hold your pencil, how to create shadows and how to create a 3D effect. After the class, you’ll have a beautiful geometric floral piece to hang on your wall! Get the kit here.

Hand-Lettering Basics

Hand-Lettering Basics: When it comes to hand-lettering, Danielle Evans is your girl. Not only can she wield a brush-pen better than anyone we know, she also started her own business, Marmalade Bleue, doing what she loves! She’ll take you through the ultimate hand-lettering crash course. Learn everything from how to hold your pen, to creating letters, strokes and phrases. At the end, you’ll be able to master your own custom greeting cards, wall art and cake topper. Get the kit here.

Photography for Bloggers

Photography for Bloggers: Photos. Are. Everything. Meet Lindsay Ostrom — pro-photographer and founder of the oh-so-rad food blog Pinch of Yum. In this e-class, she’ll help you take your photography to the next level. Starting with camera basics, and on to lighting and styling, you’ll learn to take seriously stunning photos. Trust us, your readers will definitely notice a difference.

Looking for more information on each class? Check out these trailers for an extended preview. Warning: Watching may make you want to DIY ASAP ;)

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