For anyone who’s ever been called four eyes, we’ve got the best news for you. There’s a new eyeglass store in town (well actually, online), and they’re making glasses with interchangeable lenses. Finally!

Frameri is an online store with a trendy, cool vibe like Warby Parker or Classic Specs. But they’ve got a product that nobody else is offering. A pair of glasses that allows you to change the lenses.

The founder Konrad Billetz came up with the idea when he was sitting on the beach and was frustrated that he had to switch between his sunnies and his specs. But when he went to find a shop to buy a pair that fit his needs, he found a massive gap in the market. That’s when Frameri was born. After gauging the demand with an Indiegogo campaign (that almost tripled their $30,000 goal), Billetz decided it was time to take this idea to the big leagues.

The new brand sells three frame styles: Tidal, Terra and Aerial, all which come in different colors. Once you choose between sunglasses and eyeglasses, you get a choice of lens colors. The lenses come in five different hues — but it’s not the full lens that gets the color treatment — it’s just the outer edge. On the other hand, the sunglass lenses do get the full color tint in gray, copper or blue.

A really cool feature that the online Frameri shop offers is a virtual try-on, where your webcam snaps a quick photo and you can play with different frame shapes and colors.

Both the frame and the lens sets are $100 each, but that’s a small price to pay for the freedom to choose. And sure, there are sunglasses that change to glasses when you walk in and outdoors, but these give you even more versatility because they allow you to switch out frames and lenses that are seriously stylish. And, fun fact, the lenses all have an EMI coating to protect your eyes from the harm of staring at a computer screen for too long. And nowadays, we could all use a pair like that!

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(h/t: BetaBeat)