National Wine Day may have come and gone, but France (right along with those of you who got/already have adorbs wine tattoos) is about to make every day wine day with the opening of a wine theme park.

city of vin

That鈥檚 riggggghtt! Set to open in just four days鈥 time in (where else?) Bordeaux, France, La Cit茅 du Vin as the park is to be known 鈥 will surely be to fans of vino (what with their wine-hued hair and all) what The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is to J.K. Rowling lovers. Designed by XTU architects鈥 Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazi猫res, the structure of the park consists of 10 levels and features elements reflective of 鈥渇lowing liquid.鈥

Not quite a museum, as no static exhibits are planned for the park, there are 20 鈥渢hemed spaces鈥 along what the city calls a self-guided tour (complete with an interactive 鈥渢ravel companion鈥 to teach you about your surroundings), which will end at the height of the structure with a worldwide wine tasting. Um, yum?

city of vin 2

The park is also planning two big temporary art exhibitions on 鈥渧arying cultural and artistic themes鈥 per year, along with events, workshops, a reading room, restaurants and wine-themed boutiques.

Admission is roughly $22 per person, and the park will accept its first visitors on June 1. Now. Where DID we put those passports?

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(h/t Elite Daily, photos via Anaka/City du Vin)