Drop your foam cozy right now. Well, if there’s a drink in it, just carefully sit it down and never use it again. That little insulator is only doing half the job when it’s only covering half of your drink and chances are, it’s not even as adorable as the knit sweater cozies snuggling up to our sippers.

Freaker USA out of Wilmington, North Carolina claims that they’re the “global leader of preventing moist handshakes,” all while earning some major style points. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that these cozies are one-size-fits-all. Since they’re a knit material you can slip them on any bottle! Keep the baby’s bottle warm? Bam! Keep your water cold? Boom! Keep a bottle of red room temp? Donezies. Yeah, seriously. Plus, there’s a style for everyone — proof below.

1. Owl Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Any owl fans in the house? We love this graphic approach to the owl accessory trend and the color scheme is slammin!

2. French Dip Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Frenchie FTW. This mutt’s mug is just what anyone needs to put a smile on their face. Look at that tongue!

3. Shrimp Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Talk about tropical. No matter what you’re drinking, if it’s wrapped up in this you’ll probably feel like you’re on a fancy island somewhere.

4. Dollface Knit Beverage Insulator ($12): Admit it. There’s a little diva in all of us. So, go ahead and sip your high end sparkling water from the comfort of this pink-tastic cozy.

5. Cuba Knit Beverage Insulator ($12): This one looks like a confetti piñata. With a drink in there, you won’t want to do anything but party.

6. Unicorn on the Cob Knit Beverage Insulator ($12): You have to like unicorns, and this one is almost Lisa Frank colorful! The neon green is definitely catching our eye.

7. Bromance Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): Are you more of an ale or lager person? Do you like it more hoppy or malty? No matter what your preference, if you heart beer, this one is obviously perfect for you.

8. Vegan Knit Beverage Insulator ($10): A vegan diet can be fulfilling, but no amount of quinoa patties and cashew cheese can fill the void of a good burger. This comes close though.

We think these insulators would make a nice party gift to slip over a bottle of wine or even a flower vase. Spread the love, folks! You can buy all of these cozies and more over at our Brit + Co. Shop. While you’re there, we’ve got new arrivals for fall that you’re probably going to go nuts for. Check them out!

What are your tips and tricks for keeping things hot and cold? We’d love to know your favorite insulating products in the comments!