We don’t know what it is about French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, but they can carry an Instagram account better than most humans. Maybe it’s the big ears, their astonishing scarf-wearing abilities or their loving, big-eyed stares. Whatever it is, how can you not follow these Insta-loving pups?


1. @bonjourbrie: Brie, the San Francisco Boston Terrier, is just too pretty. And she poses like she knows it. She’s also one of the many dogs on this list who can rock a scarf like they were born to do it.


2. @renecharlesnyc: Little Rene-Charles has tons of attitude, just read his photo captions — so much snark in such a tiny package. Did we mention he has his own calendar?


3. @trotterpup: Pretty much Insta-famous, Trotter boasts over 200K followers. This is probably because of her regular costumed photoshoots with her little brother, Winter. Trust us, they’re pretty epic.


4. @riobluebostonterrier: Rio the Boston Terrier has those crazy eyes that make for great photo ops. No matter where she is or what she’s wearing, her face always seems to say, “WTF is happening?”


5. @yourdogcharlie: Charlie and Gibson are two hefty Frenchies who live in Canada. When they’re not checking out the ladies, they are cuddled up on the couch, napping. Actually, they spend most of the time napping if their Instagram is any indication.


6. @coachthebostonterrier: Coach, the Boston Terrier, lives in Huntington Beach and seems to enjoy a very active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Coach is also involved in the local dog rescue scene and apparently enjoys trying on his human’s clothes.


7. @dearbeta: Beta lives in London. Her minimalist portraits perfectly complement her black and white coat. She even has a Tumblr.


8. @barkleysircharles: Seattle-based French Bulldog Sir Charles Barkley is an Instagram entrepreneur. Along with over 300K followers, he also has a website and a clothing line.


9. @we.farted: This mischievous family of Frenchies is comprised of Mango, Vespa, Coconut and Moped. They generally hang out and dress up together, but they also post videos on their Facebook page if you want to see the pups in action.


10. @piggyandpolly: Frenchies Piggy and Polly are two of the prettiest dog sisters you’ll ever see. They spend their days lounging in the sheets in their Florida home. They don’t seem to go out much, probably because the hot southern sun would burn their fair skin.

Do you want a puppy so badly right now or what? Tell us which Insta-famous dogs you follow in the comments below!