Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no place as romantic as France. Imagine walking the boulevards, shopping in the boutiques, having a break in the tiny cafés while sipping a café crème with your beloved. Unfortunately, we can’t take you all to France, but what we can do is give you the easiest way to feel like a French girl in less than five minutes. Try this new no-sew project and personalize a simple plain tee with some iron-on letters. Oh la la, chic has never been so easy before.

Final image 4


– tee

– iron-on letters

– a piece of cotton fabric


– scissors

– iron

Step 1

 1. Decide what your t-shirt is going to say and cut out the appropriate letters. We like “oh la la” or “tres chic” or “bonjour!”

2. Lay your letters on the tee with the felt side facing down. If you don’t feel super sure about where to place the letters, simply wear your tee and pin them while it’s on.

3. Cover your felt letters with a piece of cotton fabric and gently iron for a minute and a half.

4. Turn your tee inside-out and iron over the lettered area for another 20 seconds and let everything completely cool.

5. Now it’s time to peel off the backing from the letters. And just like that… you’re done.


A simple phrase, a quote from your fave poet or “This is my French girl shirt” will do just fine. Find the required letters from the iron-on letter sheet and place them on the tee. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, iron those babies on using a piece of cotton fabric as a heat protector. Turn the tee inside out. Then iron the lettered area on the other side for another 20 seconds. Let everything cool. Peel off the backing and put on the tee.

Oh La La tee

Now that you have your snazzy new Parisian tee, you just need to find the perfect matching outfit.

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French girl style is so chic and effortless, and the key word is simplicity. Also, worth noting — Parisian girls don’t wear tons of color: Neutrals are their best friend. So keep that in mind while choosing your outfit. We paired our fresh new tee with a classic blazer and a pair of dark jeans. Then we added a small black messenger bag, black heels and some gold accessories to complete the look.

Oh La La Tee DIY

And voilà, you’re good to go…. right after you whip up that messy French braid!

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Do you have any creative ideas for refurbishing a classic plain tee? Share them in the comments below.