We admire them for their joie de vivre, and being effortlessly chic and sophisticated just comes naturally to French girls. Ever since we read French Women Don’t Get Fat and saw Amelie, we’ve tried to eat, shop, and dress like them… and now we’re after their tres chic tousled tresses. Keep scrolling for 12 ways to get well-coiffed without having to travel abroad.

1. French Braid: These perfectly-imperfect Parisian plaits are your new go-to ‘do for those windy, wintry days. Have you teased it ’til your arms hurt and still can’t get your braid to look like this? Layer in extensions to zhush up the volume and length. (via Barefoot Blonde)

2. DIY Lazy Girl Blowout: To achieve this messy, #iwokeuplikethis look, it’s all about texture (read: day-old hair is best). Amp up the volume for these bedhead tresses with a couple spritzes of Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray ($25). (via Pop Sugar)

3. Chop, Chop: There’s so much bob inspo, what with everyone from Lauren Conrad to Beyoncé chopping inches away. If you’re seriously contemplating trading in your long layers for a low maintenance lob, here’s what to tell your stylist. (via That’s Not My Age)

4. Messy French Twist: If you’re a Francophile getting ready to tie the knot, you’ll want to take this pic to your stylist. Prep your hair with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray ($26) and quickly blow dry on cool for a few seconds. Tease the crown and gather the hair to start rolling it in the direction you want your updo. Bobby pins and hairspray secure the shape of this beehive bun. (via Once Wed)

5. Half Updo: Achieve iconic Bardot hair in just a few DIY-able steps. Don’t forget to use Kerastase Resistance Double Force Hairspray ($36) to protect your style from windy weather. (via Good Good Gorgeous)

6. Never Overdone: French model and music producer Caroline de Maigret rocks the easy, breezy windswept waves that we want. Her stylist Vinz tells Harper’s Bazaar, “It’s important to start with healthy hair. French girls are obsessed with hair masks, and the very chic ones like lots of shine.” (via Harper’s Bazaar)

7. Just Roll With It: To get maximum va-va-voom volume in your crown (without looking like Snooki), gather a few inches of hair around a velcro roller on the top of your head and leave it in while you make coffee, eat a croissant and catch up on Instagrams. (via Into the Gloss)

8. The Everyday French Twist: As we’ve said before, texture is everything when it comes to getting the French Girl look. This updo works best on second (or third, or fourth)-day hair. But if you just gave your scalp a rub-a-dub-dub, use a dry shampoo ($20) to pump up the volume. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Twist and Tuck: This one’s a French twist for those mornings you hit snooze one too many times. Part your hair into 3-5 sections, twist and pin back with bobby pins to gather at the nape of your neck. (via Beauty High)

10. Natural Ombré: This incredibly subtle ombre, or Balayage (the official term for the hair dying technique) is a French term that translates into “sweeping.” If you want to go au natural for a few months, try growing out your color job to let those darker roots peek through, adding dimension without damage. (via Bloglovin)

11. Sideswept: If you’ve been rocking a center part for a few years, try changing it up with a side part. Sweep your strands to one side and tuck your wispy bangs for a new look. (via Jolie)

12. The Original: This roundup wouldn’t be complete without a tutorial for Brigitte Bardot’s bouffant. You’ll get an arm workout with the amount of teasing needed to achieve this look, but the results are totally worth the bombshell glam. (via Stylelist)

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Do you say “oui” to any of these French-inspired ‘dos? Let us know in the comments!