When it comes to cheese, we love it all, from cheddar to mozz. Cheese recipes are absolutely a staple in our diet. Heck, we even love to give cheese-themed gifts! You get the picture. Though it’s hard to choose a favorite, there’s a special place in our hearts for fried cheese. In fact, here are 12 ways to indulge in fried cheese… along with a few baked recipes, just to show that crispy, melty goodness can be *slightly* healthy too.

1. Waffle Iron “Fried” Cheese (Queso Frito) Recipe: Don’t be fooled, friends — this is not a waffle. Well, it’s kind of a waffle — a cheese waffle, if you will. Mozzarella is used in this case, but other melty cheeses can be subbed in. Note: Queso frito translates to “fried cheese,” which is considered part of a traditional Dominican breakfast. (via Serious Eats)


2. Baked Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Chips: Here is the perfect opportunity to have your cheese and eat it too. You’ll get a nice helping of vegetables, but what you really taste is that salty Parmesan cheese. Plus, these bad boys are baked, not fried, so it’s like a double dose of healthy-ish. (via Diethood)


3. Crispy Broccoli Parmesan Fritters: Although this is a baked fritter, we think it’s *just* as tasty as the fried version. It’s chock full of broccoli and Parmesan, so it’s anything but short on flavor. The bright green color has us thinking these would make a great party snack. (via Café Delites)


4. Cheese Puffs (Gougeres): We love cheese puffs, you love cheese puffs, everyone *loves* cheese puffs. Well, the cheese puff game is stepping it up a notch with these cheesy French pastries. We’ll eat anything that’s French because it makes us feel more elegant… right? (via Rasa Malaysia)


5. Cheesy Jalapeño Potato Poppers: Jalapeño poppers are pretty much the best bar food around, and we’re loving this take on the classic snack. Potatoes and Pepper Jack cheese give you that spicy-creamy combo that is to. die. for. (via Foodie With Family)


6. Crispy Fried Cheese Curds: Admit it: You almost thought these were little chicken nuggets, didn’t you? Yeah, us too. Turns out they’re just delectably battered cheese curd balls. They look extra crunchy, which is perfect because we’re extra hungry. (via Num’s the Word)


7. Cheese Frenchees Deep Fried Grilled Cheese: Biting into the perfect grilled cheese is like waking up to snow on Christmas morning. When we heard you could deep fry grilled cheese, well… we’re sure you can imagine our reaction. (via Oh, Sweet Basil)


8. Fried Macaroni & Cheese Bites Recipe: We *might* have just discovered the best macaroni and cheese ever. And all you have to do is mush it into a ball and fry it. Guess we know what we’re having for dinner tonight. (via Mommy Musings)


9. Garlic Basil Parmesan Crisps: Eating these crisps is like indulging in our favorite potato chips, minus the grease and guilt — and you can whip them up with just three ingredients. Who knew delicious was *that* easy? (via Bless Her Heart Y’all)


10. Mozzarella Cheese Stuffed Mashed Potato Balls: Your life is about change, all because you now know cheese-stuffed mashed potatoes balls exist. Traditional mashed potatoes are great, but we’re showing up to our next Friendsgiving with a bowl full of these. (via I Knead to Eat)


11. Saganaki (Greek Fried Cheese): Whenever Greek food meets fried cheese, we are totally on board. Saganaki is a traditional Greek cheese, and it really shines in this dish. (via Salt & Lavender)


12. Zucchini, Feta and Spinach Fritters With Garlic Tzatziki: Fritters are already a go-to fried treat, and for good reason. When you add a whole lotta feta cheese and some veggies to balance it out, this dish is ready to wow at your next dinner party. (via Host the Toast)


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