It’s officially the season to start hunting down thoughtful presents for your favorite people. If you’re like us, there are a few in that “to buy for” bunch that would rather bite into some Swiss than wear it around their wrist. You know, the type that dream in cheddar and may or may not have a chart of the best wine and cheese pairings hung above their bed. If you’re having trouble digging up the perfect gift for your dairy-devoted pal, read on. We’ve got a spread that would make anyone say cheese.

1. The Cheese School ($69): Give the gift of making class fun again. This school is not only perfect for any cheese-lover, it’s also, obviously, delicious. This particular class is in San Francisco, but with a quick Google search, you should be able to find one closer to home.

2. Boogie Bites ($12): For anyone who likes dancing and dairy, these groovy skewers make cheese the face of any party. As it should be.

3. Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese ($17): Learn what cheese pairs best with everything from an olive to a cocktail with this guide. And help your cheesy friends become pairing experts in a matter of days.

4. Cheese Storage Paper ($9): Made in France and built for professionals, this cheese wrapping paper will keep all gouda things covered. Plus, it has that cute pattern! How could we resist?

5. Tricuterie Cutting Board ($119): Handmade by an artist in Southern California and constructed with hard maple and American black walnut, these boards are built to last, no matter how much use they get.

6. The Artisanal Premium Cheese Club ($30-$50 per month): No one should be restricted to a handful of cheeses. Give the (monthly) gift of delicious cheese varieties with this delicious package.

7. Cheese Keeper ($15): Made from white earthenware clay, this quirky little device keeps your favorite dairy products fresher, for longer.

8. Artisan Goat Home Cheese Making Kit ($25): For those cheese lovers who want a little less lactose, this at-home kit is a fun way to make your own goat cheese. Forget the cheddar. Goat cheese is better… for some people.

9. Cheesemongers Table ($75): Wow any friend by sending them this impressive bundle, filled with three pounds of artisan cheeses. It’s cheese overload, and we aren’t even mad.

10. Mastering Cheese ($27): This book digs deeper into cheese culture(s), making it perfect for the cheese lover looking to become the cheese expert.

11. French Cheeses Art Print ($32): Give your friends’ palate a break and let their eyes do the tasting with this quirky, fun print. Perfect for the kitchen, or really any room that could use a little more yum.

12. State Shaped Cutting Board ($48): This cutting board isn’t just cute, it’s customizable. Choose a state and even place a heart or other icon above a specific location (maybe a hometown you both share?). Now, every time your cheese-centric friend slices the cheese, she’ll think of you.

13. Deluxe Cheese Kit ($50): Mozzarella, ricotta, paneer, queso blanco and goat cheese are all on the menu thanks to this take-home kit that helps keep your friend active while they tinker with their favorite cultures.

14. Fig-Ricotta Boxed Caramels ($8): Dried fig and a touch of balsamic vinegar come together to create these sweet little treats that are at home on any cheese plate.

15. Cheese Cloche ($78): Doesn’t every favorite food item deserve a home? Keep every one of their wedges safe, sound and fresh with this cute glass dome.

16. The Murray’s Cheese Notebook ($12): This notebook helps keep track of every cheese your favorite enthusiast bites into. Bonus: The vocabulary library makes it easy for them to better explain any indescribably tasty sample.

17. Hand Stamped Cheese Knife ($18): For the budding, brie-obsessed comedian, this knife will spread cheese as much as it will giggles.

18. Culture Cheese Magazine Subscription ($30): Help your favorite cheese nerd stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends by ordering them this must-read, quarterly subscription.

19. Writeable (ART)isan Cheese Markers ($22): Don’t force any friend to choose one cheese. Use these markers to identify the wedges at every get-together. Then, easily erase the names for the next cheese tasting.

20. French Bull Cheese Board and Spreader Set ($44): This gift makes a statement… that you are a gift-giving goddess. Scratch-free and shatter resistant, this tray will hold up to the frequent usage of any good cheese lover.

21. Olivewood Cheese Grater ($20): Built with stainless steel and olivewood, this stylish utensil can shred through the toughest cheeses, making it an especially “grate” gift.

22. Macaroni & Cheese Bandages ($4): What could make someone cheese harder than covering any boo-boo with an image of their favorite dish? These bandages are quirky and an inexpensive addition to any cheese-themed present.

23. Honey for Cheese ($11): Up your friend’s cheese tray cred with this delicious nectar. Offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 to 80 ounces, this 100% pure honey is a sweet addition to any cheese tray.

24. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook ($17): We may grow up, but no one in their right mind outgrows mac and cheese. This book is a must-have for any kitchen shelf and almost guarantees a “thank you” hug.

25. The Charted Cheese Wheel Cheese Platter ($36): Do you know a cheese nerd looking to serve up a lesson or two in cheese education? We recommend this scratch-resistant tray, which consists of 65 hand-illustrated cheeses from around the world, sorted by parent animal and texture.

26. Tapas Fondue ($40): Tackle two cheese cubes with one toothpick. For those couples who have never met a ricotta they didn’t like, this fondue set knows how to melt hearts. It’s microwave safe and perfect for a romantic, cheese-soaked night in.

27. Cheese Press ($246): For the serious DIYers, this restaurant-quality, stainless steel press can make up to two pounds of handcrafted cheese at a time, right at home. What could be better than giving the gift of on-demand cheeses?

28. Artisan Cheese Making At Home ($21): For a simple but thorough approach to cheese-making, this book helps break the process down into digestible, easy-to-follow bites. Covering everything from milks and bacteria to developing and aging complex mold-ripened cheeses, this is a comprehensive guide to everything cheese-related.

29. Artist Palette Cheese Tray ($30): Got a cheese-loving Picasso on your list? This tray serves double duty. It’s inspired and practical.

30. DIY Chalkboard Tray: Feeling thrifty? Instead of buying a board, make one! With a rustic feel, this tray showcases cheese in a way any cheese enthusiast would appreciate. (via Brit + Co)

31. Cheese Print ($27): Who knew there were so many names for cheeses? Your cheese-loving friend, that’s who. Who knew those names would be a beautiful, printed addition to any cheese-loving home? You, that’s who.

32. Macaroni + Cheese Air Freshener ($4): If you’re shopping for someone who is on the road more than they are in the kitchen, this freshener serves up their favorite flavor daily.

33. Gustave Gold Glitter Cheese Plain ($26): If you love a dairy product this much, it deserves a little extra bling. This stainless steel flatware is dishwasher safe, can slice and dice any hard cheese, and… it’s really pretty.

What will you gifting your dairy delightful friend? Wedge in a word or two in the comments below.