Let’s be real. French pastries are equally sinfully delicious and impossible to make. Or not? We have 10 recipes that will make your inner David Lebovitz shine. In most cases, you will need a little patience, a little bit of handiwork and a whole lot of butter. Get your chef gear ready and let’s get this French party started, maintenant.

1. Vol-au-vents: Meet your new secret weapon for dinner parties. Vol-au-vents are heavenly pastry pockets that take in just about any filling, sweet or savory. We love the look (probably the taste, too!) of a deconstructed asparagus scramble. (via Cannelle et Vanille)

2. Croissants: You are 30 minutes away from pulling a batch of these buttery pups out of the oven. The secret? A little help courtesy of ready-made puff pastry. (via Inspired Taste)

3. Palmiers: These caramelized flaky cookies come in all sizes. But we think they taste (and look) best when they’re small. (via Taste Williams-Sonoma)

4. Chocolate Choux Buns: Take tea time to a whole new level with these decadent, cream-filled pastry puffs. They call for a generous coat of dark chocolate and a good friend to spend the afternoon gossiping with. (via Divine Chocolate)

5. Galette: You’ll see them most often in the dessert menu, but galettes can hold savory ingredients, too. These versatile round flaky pancakes of sorts create a stunning presentation time and time again. (via Snixy Kitchen)

6. Pain Aux Raisins: The cinnamon roll’s French cousin is, like all things French, a little more sophisticated and not afraid of butter. (via Tish Boyle)

7. Macarons: Once you master the delicate art of working the egg whites just right, you’ll be ready to wow your friends with a sleek rainbow batch. (via Erecipe)

8. Mille-Feuille: It translates to “thousand layers,” but fear not, you won’t need to work that hard. This modern take features berries and citrusy yuzu cream. (via Oh How Civilized)

9. Croquembouche: Take a killer profiterole recipe and present your batch in tower form — the taller the better. That show-stopper is called a Croquembouche. The combination of lavender and lemon curd in this recipe takes it over the top. In the best way. (via Appetite for Discovery)

10. Pain Au Chocolat: The good news? You… yes, you… can make pain au chocolat at home. The bad news? You can make pain au chocolat at home. This is no shortcut recipe, but the extra effort pays off big time. (via The Bojon Gourmet)

What heavenly pastry makes you dream of Paris at home? Tell us in your comments below?