Want to keep things fresh and fun for your big day? Try using fruit in your wedding decor. From juicy red apples to bright yellow lemons, fresh fruit centerpieces can be just as vibrant and pretty as flower arrangements (and cheaper too). Try these 11 sweet ways to use fruit in your wedding, and we promise not to tell if you take a bite out of your centerpiece after the ceremony.

1. Pineapple Vase: Get that “tutti fruity” feel with on-trend pineapples used as vases for pretty arrangements. We love the texture and color that this fruit adds to centerpieces. (via Mary Costa Photography)


2. Fab Farmer’s Market: Nothing beats strolling through the farmers’ market on a lazy weekend morning. Bring the market to your guests, and have them take home some fresh fruit as wedding favors. (via Andrew Mark Photography)


3. Refreshing Citrus: Looking to jazz up the bar area? Vibrant (and cheap) lemons and limes will do the trick — especially if you include a touch of citrus in your signature wedding cocktail. (via Jen Rodriguez Photography)


4. Ripe Runner: We love this luscious table runner bursting with ripe peaches and grapes. Aren’t they just the perfect centerpieces for a vineyard wedding? (via Meg Smith Photography)


5. Fruity Flame: So simple, so chic. Tea lights in apples add a touch of playfulness to your wedding decor. Plus we love how the candle wick looks like the stem of the apple! (via Meg Perotti Photography)


6. Strawberry Fields Forever: If you’ve got all-American style, then this little basket of strawberries will be right up your alley. Such a cute idea for a picnic-themed wedding. (via Tiny Water Photography)


7. Golden Apple: Here’s another twist on apple decor, but a little bit gilded. All you need is gold spray paint to make this fresh fruit go glam. Talk about an inexpensive way to dress up the reception tables. (via Paige Jones)


8. Berry Pretty: Don’t let flowers get all the love; incorporate some berries in vibrant shades into your flower crown for an unexpected fruity touch. (via Sonya Khegay Photography)


9. Bountiful Blueberries: This simple white and blue (courtesy of some juicy-looking blueberries) tiered cake looks so refreshing. We love this for a backyard summer wedding. (via Hello Studios)


10. Just Peachy: We’re peachy keen on greeting guests with a fruity arrangement — it sets a cheery tone for the rest of the reception. (via Well, Hello Photography)


11. Lemon Zest: Add some zing to your table with a sweet greenery-filled runner studded with pops of yellow, courtesy of bright, ripe lemons. You don’t need many to make a big impact. (via LisaPoggi Photography)


Planning to use fresh fruit for your wedding decorations? Tell us how in the comments below!