Oh Etsy, let us count the ways we love thee. Whether we’re in need of a unique watch or candy corn eyelashes (that is not a typo, people) you’ve always got our backs. So when it comes to planning a one-of-a-kind, picture-perfect wedding, we know we’ve got Etsy to rely on. Lucky for you, the online marketplace has just unveiled its favorite wedding-related picks for the coming year, both of the handmade and vintage variety, and even luckier for you, we’ve gone through and plucked out the best of the best. From gorg gowns to personalized party favors, here are 50 of the coolest wedding-worthy goodies Etsy has to offer.

1. Madison Lace and Chiffon Wedding Dress ($2,226): A sweetheart bodice, hand-sewn lace and a flattering empire waist make this stunning piece as alter-worthy as any.

2. Personalized Corkscrews ($13): After your man picks out his groomsmen, he’s going to want to pop open a brewski with his pals. What better way to do it than with a personalized, multifunctional corkscrew?

3. Personalized Paper Dolls ($35+): Paper dolls are always fun. But paper dolls that look like you + your boo? Amazing.

4. Raw Pink Tourmaline Rose Gold Ring ($425): Who needs a diamond ring? This pink tourmaline stone is beautifully rough but somehow super delicate at the same time.

5. Decorative 300ml Bottle ($14): Arrange these colored beauties all together for a vivid accent piece or spread them out as centerpieces.

6. Felt Wedding Bouquet ($65): Fresh flowers are cool, but this bouquet is giving that tradition a run for its money. This multi-colored bunch will add a vibrant pop to your ensemble and you can keep it forever!

7. 100 The Perfect Match Matchbox Wedding Favors ($198): Punny and useful. It’s a match made in heaven (sorry, couldn’t help it).

8. Ampersand Rose Gold Bracelet ($33+): Here’s a super sweet and simple way to tie your bridesmaids’ looks together. These delicate rose gold bracelets are the perfect altar arm candy.

9. Bridal Party Thank You Notes ($26): After your girls have thrown you a classy bridal shower and a hangover-inducing bachelorette party and helped you avoid multiple meltdowns, you have to say thanks. Send your gratitude in the shape of a pretty little lady.

10. Rustic Vineyard Wedding Invitation Collection ($100): Nothing is going to get guests ready for a wedding more than an invite with a bottle of wine on it. Hope that inbox is empty, because those RSVPs are about to hit in a big way.

11. Annabelle Flower Girl Dress ($700): Alright, someone needs to let us know how we can get this flower girl dress in grown-up size. But really…

12. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Labels ($6): Hand these off to your favorite ladies to ask them to be in your bridal party. We’re guessing if you hand them a customized bottle as cute as this you’re not going to very many no’s.

13. Danielle Lace and Silk Chiffon Gown ($2,878): Simple and sweet with just the perfect amount of lace detailing. Plus you can already tell, this airy dress is going to be great for getting down at the reception.

14. Vintage Inspired Tea Dresses ($150): Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are officially a trend. These tea dresses are each the same style, but made in different vintage fabrics — the perfect accents to a retro-style bride.

15. Personalized Etched Glass Flask ($30): Flasks have a certain rebellious air to them. You slip them in your pocket and take a swig when you’re not supposed to. Just a fair warning: if you hand these off to your groomsmen and they get busted it’s going to be hard to stay it’s not theirs when their initials are etched on the front.

16. Calligraphy Placemats ($4): Why have normal placemats when you can have a placemat with your name on it? This hand-lettered cardstock table setting is a great way to make the day extra personal.

17. Embroidered Tie Patch For Groom ($38): Stitch this on your groom’s tie to add a sweet, secret touch to his dapper outfit.

18. Personalized Bridesmaid Hangers ($80+): If you aren’t going for the mismatched bridesmaids trend, hang their dresses up on personalized hangers to avoid any mix-ups.

19. Lolita Flower Crown ($32): In need of something blue? How about a floral crown? Pair it with some red lips for a colorful yet complementary look.

20. Extra Large Marquee Light Letters ($778): Just look at these beauties! Not only will they wow at the reception, but count on finding a spot in your house to show them off forever.

21. Mixed Media and Paper Flower Bouquet ($120): This mixed media bouquet can be personalized for you and your love. Arrange a map of where you first met into one flower and a page from your favorite book into another. Awww!

22. Geo Curtain Backdrop ($45): Um, excuse me, but I think we’ve just found the only backdrop we ever will need again. We might not have the self-control to wait until a wedding to snag this set up.

23. Single Layer Silk Veil ($225): This classic veil evokes a ’20s bride vibe in the best possible way. Pair it with a flapper-esque dress for a roaring look.

24. Here Comes the Bride ($49): A chalkboard sign is never a bad idea. Recruit a cute ring bearer and have him carry this sign as he struts down the aisle.

25. Bridal Butterfly Flower Crown ($355): If you’re thinking the floral crown has been overdone, here’s something that looks similar but has an element all its own: butterflies, made from silk organza, no less!

26. Champagne and Gold Garter ($39): You certainly can’t forget about the garter. This one is classy but still fun and will be more than appreciated by your new spouse.

27. Oval Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring ($1,650): Planning a woodland wedding? Opt for this ring with a twig-like band for a subtle homage to your wedding day’s theme.

28. Bridal Star Tiara ($345): It’s your day and you’re the star. A star tiara seems only right.

29. Custom Hand-Painted Wedding Invitation ($245): Invite your guests to your big day in style. You just can’t go wrong with gold polka dots and dreamy florals.

30. Personalized Wedding Guest Book ($65): Literary buffs rejoice! We’re loving this clever take on the classic guest book. Frame it after the wedding for a cute reminder of all those who wish you and your groom the best.

31. Art Deco New York Wedding Invitation Collection ($100): Has that ’20s veil set you on a vintage spiral? Embrace it, friends. These art deco invites are a great way to give guests a taste of all the early-century loveliness to come.

32. Distressed Stainless Steel Ring Comfort Fit ($249): Slip this on your groom’s finger for a ring that’s classic but not boring.

33. Peacock Kiwi Kiss Brides Bouqet ($140): Succulents are definitely having their time in the spotlight. This monochromatic palette is still insanely striking.

34. Custom Portrait Illustrations ($30): This personalized portrait is an adorable — not to mention original — gift for two happy newlyweds. Hanging this baby up in their new home will make it instantly cozier.

35. Gold Leaf Crown ($45): Pop on that empire waist dress and this gold leaf crown and you’ll look like a vision straight out of ancient Greece.

36. Custom Fingerprint Rose Gold Wedding Band ($259): Opt for this rather than engraved initials for a more original (most original?) take on a personalized ring.

37. For Like Ever Wedding Cake Topper ($28+): Cake tastes better with a little bit of ’90s humor.

38. Olive Leaf and Eucalyptus Seed Crown ($80): Maybe the standard floral crown is a little too much color for you, and that’s okay. Here’s an option that’s festive but a little more subtle.

39. Midnight Munchies Bags ($29): All that dancing is going to work up an appetite. Slip some sweets into these charming bags and send guests away with a little sugar to keep them going until they hit the hay.

40. Pear Diamond Engagement Ring ($1,200): Sport this pear-shaped diamond during your engagement and then slip on the arched diamond after you say “I do.”

41. Custom Stamped Soap Favors ($271): These soaps are so cute it almost doesn’t seem weird that everyone will be scrubbing their bodies down with your initials. Maybe it would be wise to disclose that these are to be used for hands only.

42. Thin Gold Fill Diamond Shape Ring ($58+): Swap out a diamond ring for a diamond ring. If you’re not for sparkly shiny stones, slip this pretty thing on for something that hints at tradition, but in a modern way.

43. Mr and Mrs Wooden Gold Signs ($23+): Gold. Wood. Calligraphy. All good things.

44. Mini Thank You Plant Markers ($12+): It’s so mini we can hardly handle it. Pair this with the midnight munchie bag for favors that are sweet in more ways than one.

45. Vintage Blue and White Floral Temporary Tattoo ($6): Okay, so they might be temporary, but these things are so darn pretty that they might just provide your guests with some inky inspo.

46. Geometric Crystal Pinata ($97): Why aren’t pinatas a standard wedding activity? Start the trend with these discoball-like, dangling masterpieces.

47. Wildflowers Felt Flowers ($1,168): If you’re going to splurge on flowers anyway, why not buy blooms that will last forever? This almost 500-piece felt floral set really is almost as dreamy as the real deal.

48. Rose Gold Sequined Wedding Dress ($1,772): Wowza! Why have we never seen this bridal trend before? We are envisioning a lot of dipped wedding gowns in the future and we don’t mind it one bit.

49. Balloon Tassels ($150): You may have spotted tasseled balloons like these at our Re:Make festival. Arrange these in a picture perfect location as a photo booth alternative.

50. Personalized Wilderness Backdrop ($26): Whether you’re getting married in a forest or in the middle of a city, add a wilderness element to your day with this personalized pine tree cake topper.

Are you using some Etsy finds in your wedding? Share your favorite picks with us in the comments!