Whether you’ve been a fan of cocktails for years or you’re just getting into mixology, you’re going to be pumped about SKYY® Vodka’s new line of premium cocktail flavored vodka, SKYY Barcraft. No need to focus your attention on complicated bartending tools and techniques, because SKYY Barcraft has “hacked the cocktail”; now all you need to make a delicious cocktail is SKYY Barcraft and soda and you’re ready to put your feet up and enjoy an icy libation. Of course, here at Brit + Co we had to add a little something to fancy up our drinks, so we’ve whipped up a trio of garnishes that pair wonderfully with all three of the new SKYY Barcraft flavors: Margarita Lime, Watermelon Fresca and White Sangria.

Watermelon Fresca


Wondering how we made these perfect globes of watermelon? Nope, not with a mini ice cream scoop — with a melon baller. Although, some mini sundaes wouldn’t be a bad use for this must-have kitchen tool. For our first drink we’re adding melon balls and mint.


To successfully scoop a ball, press the melon baller firmly down into the melon and then turn it in a scooping motion. The key is the first part. Really push the tool into the fruit before you rotate it. Skewer your melon and mint, and then place it on top of a sugar-rimmed glass. Fill the glass with ice, and then add one part SKYY® Barcraft Watermelon Fresca and two parts soda water.


Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew all make for a tasty garnish and add some color to your glass.

White Sangria


Fancify your white sangria with frozen fruit. To get the frosty look, freeze your berries and then take them out of the freezer fifteen minutes before use. The frost will form shortly after they are out of the ice box.


Skewer a few berries and then balance them atop a glass of SKYY® Barcraft White Sangria (one part) and soda water (two parts). For a different look, put berries in your ice trays and then add berry ice to your beverage.

Margarita Lime


For this topper, you’ll need a lemon or lime zester, specifically the kind with an option to peel larger sections from the fruit.


Take a whole lime and peel out thin lines, running the zester around the entire lime. Then cut the lime into wedges and add one to the edge of each salt-rimmed glass. Pour one part SKYY® Barcraft Margarita Lime into the glass with two parts soda water. Summer days on the beach just got a little bit closer.


What garnishes would you add to these tasty elixirs? Share your ideas in the comments.

Director: Kristin Brewer
Producer: Katie Booker

Shooter and Editor: Michael Sullivan

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden, Maddie Bachelder and Roxy Taghavian
 Still Photographer: Chris Andre

This post is a collaboration with SKYY® Vodka.