Ah, unicorns. The trend that never seems to die. First it was beauty, with nails and makeup and hair. Then it was shoes. Then Starbucks hopped on it and it quickly became every barista’s nightmare. It still isn’t over though, friends. It seems like rainbows and unicorns are here to stay at least a little longer, because now flower companies are jumping on the bandwagon — even if they don’t say so outright.

FTD Companies, Inc., a floral and gifts company, now offers bouquets of rainbow roses. They say the flowers were inspired by kaleidoscopes (no unicorns mentioned here), but the timing certainly seems convenient.

The roses come in a bouquet of six with a vase ($30), 12 roses without a vase ($50), 12 roses with a purple vase ($60), or 24 roses with a vase ($110).

The bouquets aren’t limited to the full rainbow, either. Other color combos include pink and purple; blue and white; red, white, and blue; blue, green, and purple; purple and yellow and more.

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No rain, no rainbows... or flowers.

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Oh, and in case unicorn roses aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d be more inclined to unicorn tulips? Have we hit peak unicorn trend yet?

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(Photos via FTD + Getty)