There’s no ignoring the fact that the internet is freaking out over Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino. Surely by now you’ve seen about a million pics of the pink and blue sprinkle-dusted drink posted on Instagram, along with your friends’ reviews (too sweet? Too sour? Too much like a Sour Patch Kids-laced birthday cake?). And though it’s only available for a few more days, it’s already sparked its fair share of anger. Chances are, if you’ve ordered a Unicorn Frappuccino, your barista probably hates you.

Starbucks sign

With nearly everyone you’ve ever heard of rushing to their local Starbucks to try out the latest, greatest trendy drink (so much so that’s it’s sold out in many locations), baristas aren’t exactly thrilled. Frankly, the drink isn’t the easiest for them to create and is therefore earning plenty of hate from those tasked with the magical cup o’ unicorn-ness.

Take a peek at the (sorta hilarious) Unicorn Frapp hatred…

There’s even Unicorn Frapp fear brewing around the world…

Not to mention intimidated customers…

And then there’s this dude (who apparently didn’t see the horrifying stats on dangerous distracted driving because he’s filming while on the road) who is absolutely flipping out over the sitch!

Though, really, if you’ve “never been so stressed out in all of [your] life” because you’re having to make a few sticky drinks, then we shouldn’t be shocked by the fact that a few Unicorn Frapps are enough to make you absolutely lose it.

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(Photos via Christopher Furlong/Getty, Starbucks)