Screen printing shortcuts are great. No one appreciates the convenience of the ol' command+shift+4 (or the PrintScreen key when you find yourself on a PC) more than we here at Brit HQ do! At times it even feels like a life-saver. But what if there were an even more seamless way of doing screen printing that saved on time, effort, and physical desktop space? Thankfully, a Korean design has begun to address this concern.

The sleek design of the aptly-named Document Extractor Combi Monitor puts touch-screen controls, paper scanning, and smart screen printing harmoniously into one computer body. It boasts a 27" display with a graphical user interface designed for simple touch-screen use. The paper loads in an upright tray behind the display and is printed and released through the bottom front of the machine (scanning follows a reversed path). With your scanner, printer, and online document/image selection combined into one simple design, you'll save tons of (actual) desktop space.

The intelligent GUI imagined in this design would interact with the physical functions of the Combi Monitor so that any scan or print would appear as if it's going up into or down out of the computer screen (just to keep you entertained). But the design team responsible for the Combi Monitor insists that it is more than just a convergence product. Instead, it marries these connected parts of the creative process to save on the user's time and effort as well as the resources wasted in printing the excess images you don't need.

Now the question is, is this totally awesome or totally ridiculous? Would this actually streamline your workspace? Let us know what you think by commenting below or tweet it loud and proud.