It seems like every day we're stumbling across tech innovations that feel almost too futuristic. Last week we marveled at the concept for Hyundai's Nano Veggie Garden, and remember those pills that text you when you forget to take them? We like all these ideas, but wonder how and when they'll actually fit into our homes.

Today's futuristic find is the AGA iTotal Control, a stove that you can control through your computer, smartphone, tablet, or regular phone via text message. The stove itself requires a SIM card (yes, the stove is a would-be mobile device) and as a touchscreen interface for heating things up, scheduling, and anything else a robotic stove might do.

When you leave your house in the morning, simply toss some veggies together or wrap a few potatoes in foil and place them in the oven. As your day draws to a close, fire up the AGA smartphone app and get those veggies cooking.

If prep in the morning isn't your thing, use the stove a time saver. On your way home from work, turn on the oven, stop by the grocery store, and your oven's ready to bake as soon as you walk in the door. If you leave home and worry about whether or not you turned the oven off, use your phone to find out and turn it off if you need to. Talk about peace of mind.

Plus, in spite of being uber futuristic, the stove itself is designed with interior design in mind, and takes its aesthetic cues from old fashioned European stoves with multiple compartments. It looks right at home nestled in between your grand piano and electric guitar. ;)

Admittedly, spending $12K on an oven or stove is on the slightly ridiculous side. What we're most excited about is the potential this suggests for ordinary stoves and ovens a few years down the road.

What do you think of the AGA iTotal Control? Too futuristic? Does heating up an oven when you're not in the house make you a little nervous? Excited about the innovation but are still reeling in sticker shock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – we love to hear from you!