Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the geekiest of them all? Get ready for this, fairy tale enthusiasts and technology lovers, because the magic mirror has just gone digital. Cybertecture combines the traditional form and function of a mirror with the programmable apps and clean digital display of our favorite gadgets.

Connected wirelessly to the internet and utilizing a user-friendly interface, this incredibly intuitive product allows you to get the information you need while performing its duty as a completely functional mirror. The possibilities are as diverse as they are exciting. Watch TV while blow-drying your hair. Read the news while brushing your teeth. Check Facebook while washing your face.

You control the device either with a remote or via your smartphone. It comes with a sensor pad to allow you to track your health vitals, so that you can check up on yourself and the world around you from a single location.

And if the extra displays get distracting, you can always switch the mirror to passive mode and it will simply be a slick reflective surface for you to style your hair or perform your beauty routine.

This product has the potential to become the central hub of your morning, a portal through which you can interact with the world while going about your daily personal routine. Additionally, we can envision a lot of commercial applications, including gyms and beauty salons. Unfortunately, it’s currently priced at $3,000 and only available in Europe and Asia, but we’re hoping a more viable option for the rest of us will be released in the future.

What do you think about the Cybertecture Mirror? Would you want in your home? Let’s talk in the comments below or over on Twitter.