We love technology that integrates with our daily lives. The trend towards automated home technology makes us feel a little bit like we live in the future, but also makes us really excited for the future of tech based around the home. So we were incredibly pumped to hear about the new version of the Lockitron, a wireless, keyless locking system that can be installed over an existing lock.

Once the Lockitron is attached to your lock, you can work it from anywhere you can use your phone. You don’t even need a smartphone: the system can be accessed via text as well as an app. Forget to lock your house when you leave? Do it from the bus! Have a friend taking care of your plants or animals while you’re away? Don’t hide the key under the mat, just unlock your door remotely when they get there or give them access to do so through the app.

Other cool features include the ability to wirelessly open your door via Bluetooth. Lockitron will sense the presence of your phone and unlock the door automatically. You can also set it up to let you know if someone knocks on your door when you’re away. You can be informed if someone else unlocks your door, so you get a heads up when your kids are home from school.

One of the coolest parts about this new version is that it’s designed to work with your current locks. In practical terms, this means that the Lockitron is an option for renters as well as home owners. You can get all the benefits of the Lockitron system without annoying your landlord :)

This is a great solution for anyone who tends to forget or lose their keys… although, if you tend to lose your phone, that’s a whole different issue!

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