Nothing creates an instant holiday vibe like a cozy fireplace. While we love the grand fireplaces that come in gorgeous houses and apartments, the life of a renter in a city makes fireplaces pretty tough to come by. We’ve already shown you a handful of Fire-Breathing Coffee Tables, but sometimes you need something even more portable.

Here are 10 portable fireplaces for even the most petite places.

1. Piet Indoor Stove (concept): This beautiful fireplace / stove by Fredrik Hylten- Cavallius is as lovely as it is functional. It features brass reflectors making the whole room warm up instantly, and the fire is powered by ethanol, eliminating the need for a chimney. We can’t wait for this to actually go into production!

2. Modern Glass Fireplace ($158): For a sleeker, more modern look, we like the look of Loft. With three burners powered by FireGlo Gel Fuel, no additional ventilation is needed and it’s easy to refill. You can even take out the cans and put in pillar candles if you like!

3. Planika Jar ($ varies): This combination of fire, concrete and glass makes this jar great for any interior or exterior.

4. Brasa Fire Avani Fireplace ($425): Calling on the shape of a classic log, this fireplace is great for a tabletop or even in an old boarded up fireplace under a mantel.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Double Burner ($160): You might recognize this little darling from our small spaces post. Affordable and fits just about anywhere.

6. EcoSmart Fireplaces ($ unknown): Loving these portable fireplaces designed by EcoSmart. Each fireplace is powered by ethanol, doesn’t need a flue or chimney, and is super easy to install whether you want it outside or inside. We particularly love the Ghost and the Zeta.

7. Hot Pot ($460): Is that an ice bucket… on fire?

8. Fireplace Wall Art ($155): This fireplace mounts to the wall in a fancy-looking gilded frame. If you’re not feeling the FireGlo fuel cans, place candles in for an even more romantic setting.

9. Travel Mate ($1,800): Ok ok, that is definitely a high price tag but this fireplace is as close to a real hearty fire as we’re gonna get. Plus, it has a handle making it easy to take the fire from room to room and even to the porch or garden.

10. Fake Flames ($97): And lastly, maybe you can’t handle the flames but still like the cozy vibe?

Have you come across any portable fireplaces we should check out? Got any other tricks for keeping things warm and cozy in the winter months? Talk to us in the comments below.