You’d be hard-pressed to meet a gamer who doesn’t miss the golden days of the Game Boy. It was a time when black and white (and green?) screens were cool enough for the kids, and we were all fine toting around lots of easy-to-lose game cartridges. If you’re extra nostalgic, there’s a chance you still have your little slice of Nintendo sitting around in some attic or closet.

Now is the time to bust it out! Game enthusiast John Hassl has come up with a hack that can give new life to your old Game Boy. Hassl grabbed a $35 Raspberry Pi, crammed it into the Game Boy and is now running classic gaming emulators on the device. And he’s showing the world how to do it through a couple of YouTube vids:

Yup, with this trick, you can run classic games on your favorite handheld ’80s tech. Hassl’s hack requires a fair amount of technical know-how and some tools, like a soldering iron. However, it’s a cheap and effective way to give that Game Boy a new reason to hang around.

Hassl even added extra buttons so he can use it to play newer games. You better believe bringing back the Game Boy is on game on like Donkey Kong.

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(h/t TechCrunch)