Having a fun night doesn’t always mean a night out on the town. As fall approaches, consider having a fun night in instead. If you want to do more than just have a dinner party, why not try a game night? We found 15 fun ideas—from games to food to decor—to make your night a bit more memorable. Let’s start with the games, shall we?

Word on the Street

1. Word on the Street ($17): A new take on the word game, where you’re trying to collect letters on your side of the board by spelling out different words. Great for groups or one-on-one.


2. Anomia ($14): Take advantage of all the random information floating around in your head with this game that requires you to face off with other players and race to give a correct answer to the question on your opponent’s card.

Cards Against Humanity

3. Cards Against Humanity ($25): Get ready to blush! This party game (similar to Apples to Apples) is definitely made for the adults. Sorry kiddos.

Reverse Charades

4. Reverse Charades ($19): Just like it sounds, this is the opposite of classic charades. Instead of one person acting and the rest of the team guessing—the team is acting out and one member is guessing as many clues as possible.

Wits & Wagers

5. Wits & Wagers ($25): The added layer to this trivia game? Not only do you have to share an answer, but you can bet on who answered correctly or not.

Scrabble Cupcakes

6. Scrabble Cupcakes: These cupcakes would be a cinch to make! And you could use real (well-washed) Scrabble tiles if you don’t want to make your own from gum paste. (via Sweet Things)

Domino Cookies

7. Domino Cookies: We bet you could actually play a round with these cookies. Just watch your opponent to make sure they don’t eat a piece.(via My Recipes)

Checkerboard Cake

8. Checkerboard Cake: You’ll be surprised at just how easy this cake is to make. If you can assemble a layer cake, this game-inspired version will be, well, a piece of cake! (via A Subtle Revelry)

Dice Dip

9. Dice Dip: Such a simple and clever way to make your dip more fun. The black dots on this die are made with black sesame seeds, but you could also use poppy seeds depending on the kind of dip. (via Hungry Happenings)

Game Controller Chocolate Bars

10. Game Controller Chocolate Bars: If your game night is taking on a more electronic tempo, try making these fun game controller chocolate bars.(via Bridgey Widgey)

Dice Favor Boxes

11. Dice Favor Boxes ($13): Send guests home with snacks or treats in these dice-shaped boxes. You can order them as printables, or already assembled.

Giant Playing Cards

12. Giant Playing Cards: Whether you’re a poker player, or just like the patterns on a deck of cards, consider having one super sized for game night. (via Martha Stewart)

Scrabble Invite

13. Scrabble Invites (from $18): If you’re planning a game night in advance, send out these adorable invites.

Thin Hinge Bangle

14. Thin Hinge Bangle ($38): We’re sure this understated spade bangle will bring you luck if you’re hosting a poker night.

Card Trick Drink Tags

15. Card Trick Drink Tags: How cute are these!? Keep guests’ wine glasses straight by using an old deck of cards as wine charms. It’s a great party trick. (via Familiy Chic)

What’s your favorite tip for hosting game night? Tell us in the comments or find us on Twitter!