14 Game Night Games Better Than Cards Against Humanity
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14 Game Night Games Better Than Cards Against Humanity

Party on! Game nights are typically the best nights. Seriously, what’s more fun than sitting around the table playing a game, drinking a cocktail or two and laughing with friends?! We’d totally take that over a night sweating (even without twerking) at the club. You know you’ve made it through that Cards Against Humanity deck too many times to count so refresh your game night stash with some of the best new party games around.

1. Game of Phones ($20): This techy card game prompts you and your friends to compete in smartphone-based tasks. With assignments ranging from “Find your best #selfie” to “Create an emoji masterpiece,” you’re guaranteed belly laughs and conversation starters galore. Just like with Cards Against Humanity, each round has a judge that picks the winner so get your phone stacked with game changers now.

2. Linknotize ($25): Keep the digital/IRL party rolling with this game that challenges players to make connections between two unrelated topics. By thinking fast and linking each pair’s subjects through online searches, you’ll be getting all the glory at your shindig.

3. Buffalo ($21): If you love name dropping, this is the card game for you. Players race to identify people or characters that match the descriptions of two cards as fast as they can (example: a British wizard = Harry Potter). The player with the most cards once the pile runs out wins this rapid fire name game.

4. Bottle Bracket ($100 a month): This part wine club part bracket tournament will turn your gang into a bunch of sommeliers over a night filled with four mystery bottles. Whether you think you can determine the difference between a $20 and a $40 bottle or not, this blind taste testing experience will have you feeling like you’re at a Napa vineyard and not spending another night at your apartment.

5. f**ktionary ($25): This one is the result of mixing words from Urban Dictionary with Balderdash. Players are presented with dirty + ridiculous words and then have to guess the definition of said word. After the round leader reads out all the definitions for everyone’s enjoyment, they pick the winning definition. PSA: This dirty word game is marked adults only, sorry kiddos.

6. Personally Incorrect ($25): Love being offended? Then you will enjoy this game where you basically insult each and every one of your guests. By inserting a partygoer’s name for each designated card and picking an offensive answer card, everyone better come with thick skin to finish this game unscathed. Let the roasting begin!

7. Say Anything ($25): If you’re looking to reeeally get to know your friends, this is the game for you and your group (um, and maybe an invite to the new person you’ve been dating is in order). By reading questions and providing answers, you’ll quickly and creatively get inside the mind of all your party guests fast.

8. The Game of Things ($55): This provocative game will leave your jaw on the floor from the hilarious, creative and outrageous things your friends say. Simply by drawing topic cards like “Things a chimp thinks about when he sees you at the zoo,” responses are sure to be out of this world. After everyone writes down a response, the best part starts — you all guess who said what. Let the hilarious finger pointing begin.

9. A Terrible Time ($35): In this game, teams of two+ compete against one another in challenges based on art, facts or performance. Sound like Cranium? Well, it’s far from it. If your team completes its challenge you move along, but fail and you’ll have to do something awful from a “Humiliation” deck. We think this sounds like a terribly good time.

10. What’s Yours Like? ($25): Tell it like it is and you’ll excel at this one. Players have to guess words based off of creative word clues after asking the question, “What’s yours like?” Seriously, we wanna know.

11. Deck Around ($36): Get a slang word and provide a definition for it. Nope, this isn’t a spelling bee. If you can convince everyone in the group your definition (even if it’s not accurate) is the correct meaning, you win the round. With words like “twerk” in the deck, this game is bound to heat up quickly.

12. Rotten Apples ($23): Basically the naughty sibling of Apples to Apples, this hilarious and often tasteless game leads players to combine two sets of cards to complete outrageous phrases. This card game will have you discovering how out-there your friends really are.

13. Scrabble Twist ($20): The classic word game is finally going digital. Though not out until August, everyone will surely be wanting a piece of this wordsmith electronic. Find out all the first look deets on Mashable, then scatter your tiles and never pick ’em up again.

Bonus: Cards Against Humanity: Bay Area Expansion (Regular game is $25 or free download): Okay, we know we promised you a slew of games better than CAH, but the new classic adult card party game just got a Kickstarter Bay Area expansion pack so this counts. If you’re into all things within the radius of SF, you’re going to want this deck of cards and its OG stack if you don’t already have it. Even after endless nights of playing, the pairings that come up still surprise us years later.

What games will you be adding to your game nights? Let us know in the comments.