Spoiler alert: we are already experiencing some serious Game of Thrones withdrawal — and we have more than six months to go until next season! But just because we know nothing (yet) about what our favorite characters will face when they return, doesn’t mean we have to wait around looking glum. No, you really (really!) don’t, thanks to makeup artist Allison Chase who has us downright smitten with her gorgeous GoT-inspired makeup.

Chase takes each of the major houses from the series, from the Lannisters to the Targaryens, and constructs a complete look with hair and makeup. Taking cues from descriptions in the book and images from the show, she creates a unique look that perfectly embodies the personality of each house.

House Martell totally reminds us of Elia in all her resplendent, flirtatious glory.

While House Stark artfully combines innocence and ferocity. That winged “wolf eye” would definitely make us think twice before crossing this family.

See all of the gorgeous looks for yourself on Chase’s Facebook Page.

We can’t help thinking that these looks are just begging to be incorporated into a gorgeous Halloween costume. We know it’s still a bit away, but hey, we like to plan ahead, especially when it comes to dressing up. All you really need to complete the look is a long gown in your house colors (plus maybe some thirst for revenge) and you’re good to go. Grab the girls and you can each be a beauty from the Seven Kingdoms. Sounds to us like the perfect way to stave off GoT withdrawal for the long, cold winter ahead.

Would you consider dressing up as one of these Game of Thrones characters for Halloween? Tell us your inspirations, your costume plans, and YOUR favorite house below in the comments!