Here at Brit HQ, we’re always waiting for the tech world to collide with baking gadgets to create delicious advancements for all. With these techie cookie cutters, our dream has come true! Turn the best of sleek, streamlined, and sometimes silly tech culture into sweet treats fit for a start-up office party.

1. Smartphone ($16): You’ll definitely want to dunk this smartphone in a tall glass of milk. You can fill in each “app” on the cookie’s “screen” with frosting, but we recommend flipping the canvas and busting out the sprinkles and other edible embellishments for a “phone cover” decorating contest.

2. Angry Birds Characters ($9): Launch these menacing birds straight into your chomper. The size and shape of these cookies make them extremely versatile, perfect as party favors or an animated topping to a frosted cupcake.

3. Game Controller ($6): These controller cookies are a delicious escape into virtual reality. Serve these up at your next video game system costume party!

4. Apple Logo ($5): For the Mac obsessed! Planning on standing outside the Apple store to grab the newest iPhone? Be sure to bring a batch or two of these along for the ride.

5. Facebook “Like” ($8): Give a thumbs up to your favorite pals in the real world. Just be happy no one’s got their hands on a “poke” cookie cutter just yet.

6. Desktop Computer ($14): Nostalgia from the pre-mobile era, this tech relic conjures memories of instant messaging and the excitement that followed hearing “You’ve Got Mail.’ Make your desktop pop with color like an old school iMac or draw your favorite meme on screen.

7. Techy Get Up ($23): Freshen up your style with this geek-chic cookie cutter set. Dec out a quirky bow tie, beanie or stay ahead of the curve and transform this classic eyewear shape into Google Glass!

8. Numbers for Binary Code (up to $15 each): Kitchen gadgets for computer programmers with a sweet tooth! Create your own binary digit cookies using the numbers zero and one and have fun plotting (and eating) your next big web project!

9. Camera Set ($18): We document the best moments of our day constantly, so be sure to snap a selfie with these tiny camera cookies. “Develop” your own cookie photos with extra dough and a square cookie cutter and be sure to mix your frosting to match the tone of your favorite Instagram filter.

10. Friendly Robot ($6): If robots and humans have to co-exist in the future, let’s hope they’re as friendly looking as this little guy. But if you’re inclined to mad science, try your hand at building Frankenstein with flour, sugar and eggs first!

What’s the kookiest set of cookie cutters you’ve ever seen? Tell us in the comments below.