We all have those moments. Those moments when you want to express a really precise emotion through text message, but no words or emojis are cutting it. Well if you’re sporting iOS 8 on your iPhone, soon you’ll be able to send the absolutely perfect GIF for the moment with PopKey.

The clever minds over at WorkshopX have created the world’s first GIF-only keyboard and we can not wait to use it. Seriously, we’re really excited about it.

Like, that excited. So, here’s how it works:

Trending GIFs will be grouped by keywords and categories, so you just search and select. When you’re browsing PopKey’s GIF options, you’re searching their growing gallery of thousands of funny animations. Your faves are saved for easy access. And if none of the pre-made GIFs are cutting it, you can always upload and share your own!

PopKey will be completely free, but in the future it will offer special content packs for extra moola. There’s also potential for co-branding — Gizmodo gave the great example of featuring GIFs from upcoming movies for promotion. Hunger Games GIF time, anyone?

This super fun keyboard is exciting for more than the obvious reasons (J-Law GIFs 24/7). This is the first time Apple has opened up keyboard capabilities to developers for third-party developers. You can now also download Swype and other nifty typing tools to enhance your typing, texting experience.

PopKey is supposed to be launching soon on the App Store. You can sign up here, so that you’re the first to know when it does.

Will you use PopKey? Tell us what GIFs you love in the comments!