With so many emoji apps emerging onto the scene, it鈥檚 pretty clear that the classic emoji just aren鈥檛 cutting it anymore. There鈥檚 one for hipsters, Seinfeld fans, GoT lovers and even taco eaters. And now, there鈥檚 one for fashionistas.

Just when you thought you鈥檝e seen everything when it comes to newly released emoji sets, LOLy comes along and fulfills all your Chanel-and-Louboutin-filled dreams. This new app will cure sooo many emoji-related frustrations, like why does the 鈥済etting your nails done鈥 emoji only come in pink?! Or why the heck isn鈥檛 there a tequila shot emoji?! And also for those times when it鈥檚 absolutely necessary to send your friend an emoji of Pharrell鈥檚 hat. Been there.

Even though most are fairly fabulous, this emoji set also includes other things that us fashion folk seem to chat about (and Instagram) a lot. Like cake, pho and margaritas. Because who doesn鈥檛 text about food nonstop?! Guilty.

LOLy was created by an all-woman design team headed by Splendora founder Gina Pell. To come up with this chic, unique, fabulously frivolous set, the team surveyed hundreds of women about their most-texted phrases. Since it鈥檚 not integrated into Apple鈥檚 iOS as of yet, this fun, fashion-forward, FREE app allows you to copy and paste unique graphics into your texts. LOLy is for every girl (or guy) that wants to send their BFF a pair of Loubs and a Chanel tweed jacket once in a while. And an animated eye roll鈥 FTW!

Are you going to use LOLy? Let us know your favorite new emoji in the comments below!

(h/t Racked)