We’re all about the ’90s here at Brit HQ. From Friends to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the ’90s was full of iconic pop culture moments and beauty trends that are gearing up for a comeback in a BIG way. And we can’t think of a better way to show our love for the flannel-filled decade than with totally tubular accessories and selfie-worthy apparel. Check out these ’90s-inspired gifts that will keep you cool on #TBT and every day of the week.

1. Fresh Prince West Philadelphia Tank ($28): If the playground is where you spent most of your days, then this colorful tank top is for you. One of the most memorable TV theme songs of all time comes to life in this perfect-for-a-festival tank.

2. Ugh, As If Coffee Mug ($14): This Clueless-inspired mug pretty much sums up how we feel every. single. Monday. Fill it up with your morning joe and let your mug do all the talking for you.

3. Hello Kitty Bows Fanny Pack ($28): Fanny packs, FTW. Store all your essentials in a super functional pack like this one — it’ll be perfect for your next Sunday Funday or music festival.

4. Jelly Zip Bag ($36): Channel your inner valley girl with this translucent tote bag. #LikeTotesAdorbs

5. Awesome Mix Vol. 1 iPhone Case ($30): Remember the days of good ol’ mix tapes? Bring them back with this retro-techy iPhone case.

6. Clarissa Explained It All ($25): From learning to navigate our first training bras to dealing with annoying little brothers, teenager Clarissa Darling of the eponymous hit Nickelodeon sitcom really did explain it all. Say it loud and proud with this tee.

7. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Party Pack–Originals ($11): Pucker up with this party pack complete with fan-favorite flavors such as vanilla, tropical punch and cotton candy. They’ll treat your kisser to a lip-smacking good time!

8. Daria and Jane Best Friend Necklaces ($16): It’s true — no one gets you quite like your best friend. If you and your besties were fans of MTV’s popular animated series, then these BFF necklaces are a must-have.

9. 50 Assorted Slap Bracelets–Mega Pack ($16): Show of hands — err, wrists — if you remember snapping and unsnapping these multi-colored bracelets in homeroom. With 50 bracelets in a pack, you can stack them or trade them with your fellow ’90s lovers.

10. Dazzle Feather Pen ($17): Let’s be real: We ALL wanted one of these pens after seeing Cher Horowitz rock them in Clueless. Now, you can have a handmade glitter ribbon pen with marabou feathers for every day of the week. Cher would be so proud.

11. The Cory to My Topanga ($28): Before there was Bey + Jay and Kim + Kanye, there was Cory + Topanga. Show homage to one of the greatest TV power couples of all time with this soft cotton tank top.

12. Umbra Insaptic Floppy Picture Frame ($12): Sure, floppy disks may be all but obsolete. But this nod to nostalgia is the perfect frame for your favorite #TBT picture.

13. Saved by the Bell Bayside Tigers Hoodie ($34): You may not have attended Bayside High, but with this gray hoodie you can pretend you were buddies with Zach and the whole gang. Add a florescent diner and big ’90s hair and you’re good to go.

14. Dawson’s Creek Dawson Crying Television Jewelry ($9): It’s the face that launched a thousand memes. Capture the epic moment in television history with a necklace of James Van Der Beek’s famous ugly cry.

15. Pulp Fiction Kit ($45): You can recite every line and even dressed as Mia Wallace for Halloween. Now all you need is this Giclee art print to add to your home. Sorry, Samuel L. Jackson not included.

16. DIY Floppy Disk Planters: Here’s some more floppy disk action for your decor. DIY these up for a colorful addition to your garden or desk. (via Brit + Co)

17. Boy Bands Ruined My Life Muscle Tank ($18): Backstreet Boys. *NSYNC. 98 Degrees. You had their posters all over your bedroom wall and, chances are, the obsession love still runs deep. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Postcards ($8): Twilight and Vampire Diaries who? Show some love to badass Buffy with these old-school postcards. Frame them as wall art or send them to your besties for a fun little throwback.

19. Home Alone Sweatshirt ($125): Because of this classic, we always secretly wished we were left home alone when we were younger. Pair this crewneck sweatshirt with broken-in boyfriend jeans for a cute ‘n’ casual weekend look.

20. Jesse and the Rippers Full House Women’s T-Shirt ($20): Who didn’t have a crush on Uncle Jesse? Get your fangirl on with this gray heather tee that’s perfect for rock concerts… or Full House binge-watching sessions. Have mercy!

21. Clueless Soundtrack LP ($36): Whether you’re a Cher or Dionne, you’ll love this original vinyl soundtrack featuring classics such as “Rollin’ With My Homies.” Host a ’90s-themed house party and have everyone dress as his or her favorite character.

22. Spice Girls-Inspired Gold Foil Print ($8): Get your #GirlPower on with wall art featuring a lyric from one of the catchiest pop songs ever recorded. We’re still not quite sure what a “zig-a-zig-ah” is, but this print is guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party.

23. ’90s Cartoon Sweater ($60): Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon; all your favorite childhood cartoons on one bright sweater! This attention-grabber is sure to attract many stares and a fair share of selfies. Go forth and be awesome.

What is your favorite ’90s TV show or movie? Let us know in the comments!