As the chilly winter weather begins to really kick in, out come the sweaters, jackets and cozy flannels. It’s always a treat to finally be able to wear the seasonal clothes you’ve had tucked away all year, but let’s talk about that 10-year-old flannel. We know it’s hard to accept, but maybe it’s time to give your beloved shirt a new life. Whether you already have a flannel that needs some repurposing or you find one at the thrift store, here are 16 ways to get the most out of that snuggly fabric.

1. Flannel Skirt: If your found flannel is way too big, use that excess fabric to your advantage. Chop off the top and use the bottom as a skirt. (via Randomly Happy Blog)

2. Mitten Magic: For all you master knitters out there, whip up a new pair of mittens using this tutorial and line them with your favorite flannel fabric. (via Flickr)

3. Coffee Coozy: Cozy up with a coozy. If you’re left with awkward-sized scraps after a project, use them to your advantage and keep your hands safe from a boiling hot cup of coffee. (via Thrift Dee)

4. Vintage Effect: If you have a new flannel that looks a little too new, add a vintage vibe with some sandpaper, washing soda, salt and bleach. (via Cait Barker)

5. No-Sew Cape: If you’re working with a flannel sheet as opposed to a shirt, try this tutorial that turns bedding into an adorable cape. The best part? No sewing required. Just a bit of hot glue. (via Brit + Co)

6. ’90s Revival: Sure, we’re rocking flannels in 2014, but let’s be honest – the cozy top really belongs to the ’90s. Channel your inner grunge goddess with this fun tutorial that adds on daisy patches and a dramatic black, gauzy bottom. (via Free People)

7. Napkins: Take that tea to a whole new level. If you’re a sewing beginner, here’s a super simple project to improve those stitching skills. (via Hey Wanderer)

8. Mash Up Scarf: If you totally hit the flannel jackpot at the thrift store, snag them all up and get cutting. This scarf uses multiple flannels and some studs to create a totally cool winter accessory. (via Free People)

9. Sheet Shirt: It’s hard to believe that this adorable top used to be a sheet, but we promise it’s the truth. Layer this up with a scarf and coat for a cozy winter look. (via Little Home By Hand)

10. Hand Warmers: If those flannel-lined mittens aren’t going to be enough to keep those hands happy, try these hand warmers filled with uncooked rice. Stick to a simple square shape if you want a super quick project, or mix it up and try a fun design like a heart or pine tree. This could totally be a stocking stuffer for dad, btw! (via Swoon Studio)

11. Men’s Shirt Makeover: Leave it to Brit to restyle a men’s shirt not one way, but ten. No cutting or sewing required here – just a bit of creative twisting and tying. (via Brit + Co)

12. Blanket Cape: Sometimes, in the dead of winter, all you want to do is walk around in a blanket. Well, with this cape you basically can. (via Kollabora)

13. Fleece Flannel Throw: Go for the ultimate cozy craft with a throw blanket. Keep this for yourself or make a bunch to give as gifts for the holidays. (via Lets Go Running)

14. Flannel Backpack: The backpack is officially back — and has been for awhile. This sack is made from old flannel pajama bottoms and takes full advantage of the drawstring. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Plaid Pillow: Instantly add a rustic vibe to your couch with this deer pillow. Rather than tediously sewing the cutout onto the pillow, this blogger uses Heat n Bond strips, which she attached to the back and then simply ironed on to make it stick. (via Home Sweet Ruby)

16. Numbered Button-Down: Copy Kylie Jenner’s sporty flannel with this quick tutorial. Keep your flannel a- is, just add some iron-on numbers and letters to the back and be on your way. (via Hearts and Hauls)

Do you have an old flannel you’ve fashioned into something new? Share your project with us!