Each holiday season, do you read gift guide after gift guide wondering what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks you are going to get all your people for Christmas this year? We know we have written some mighty good gift guides here on Brit + Co, but you still might need a little more help, tailored exactly to your naughty/nice lists. And there’s a new app for that (a couple of them actually). GiftyOne is a new kind of mobile gifting platform that helps you give experiences instead of stuff.

Though we love a good scented candle, the gift of experiences is undoubtedly so much more meaningful than any thing. You probably will never forget that time your best friend got you tickets to see Aziz Ansari for your birthday, but can you remember that thing that she gave you that one time that one year? Yeah, we thought not. Memories last a whole lot longer than that thing did.

GiftyOne isn’t just nifty, it’s straight up smart. It actually gets to know your giftees (scary, but cool) and then suggests experiential gifts based on that info. It might figure out your sister’s favorite band is coming to town in a few months, or that her favorite restaurant is hosting a pop-up right now.It is as simple and quick as sending a gift card, but more personal and creative than that. And, hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Even if it’s an app doing part (just a smidge!) of the thinking for you.

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