Guess what? All of those clever product roundups we put out on a weekly basis? Those double as gift guides! For Clueless fanatics, grill-masters, shutterbugs, Apple fanboys, and shortcut chefs alike. And guess what else? There are 95 of them. That’s right. 95. Presenting the ultimate gift guide to all of our previous gift guides. Enjoy!

For Creative Types

1. The Helvetican Home: From salt and pepper shakers to a laser cut scarf, let this be your guide to all things Helvetica.

2. Noteworthy Notebooks: Love jotting things down or know someone who does? Get them a notebook that’s a touch more extraordinary.

3. Analog Tools for Designers: Stencils for iPhone UI design actually make great drawing tools for tech-inspired creations.

4. Pens That Are Mightier Than the Sword: To go along with the notebook, these pens take your love of Bic to the next level.

5. ModCloth Accessories for Creators: A color wheel on a chain? A mini measuring tape? So fun.

6. Customizable Objects: If you like to make things, you probably also like getting things made. This roundup is all about customizable one-of-a-kind objects for people you love.

7. Gifts for Makers: A recent addition to the gift guide collection, these are 20 gifts for makers, crafters, and DIYers.

8. Nerdy Wrapping: Can’t give gifts without wrapping, can you? These nerdy products are perfect for folks who know their way around a stationery store.

For Shutterbugs, Music Makers + Worker Bees

9. Mini Tripods: These tripods fit in your pocket and on your keychain, and are great for smartphone snapping.

10. Modern Photog Must-Haves: From a gorgeous handmade camera strap to the Lego camera, these items are definite must-haves for shutterbugs.

11. Wireless Speakers: Like to take your dance party on-the-go? (Perhaps with bottled cocktails?) These speakers are all about the nomadic rock-out.

12. Powerless Amplifiers: If you fancy a sound upgrade without power, we’ve got 6 amplifiers that’ll fit the bill.

13. Headphones: A guide to headphones large and small, colorful and minimal.

14. Backup Chargers: All of these gadgets help you stay powered up when the power’s down. Great for frequent travelers and those who often have to work remotely.

15. Laptop Stands: Is that laptop of yours getting hot and bothered? Elevate it with a set of adorable laptop feet.

16. iPad keyboards: Long for the days of typing on keys instead of on a screen? Add one of these fun keyboards to your iPad.

17. Quirky products: Quirky is a favorite brand of ours as they deliver new innovative products on a pretty regular basis. This roundup is all about organizing your devices and workspace.

For iPhone Fanboys + Fangirls

18. Retro iPhone Cases: Turn your iPhone into a gameboy, camera, or calculator!

19. iPhone 5 cases: When the 5 came out, we were quick on the hunt for the perfect case. Have you found one you love?

20. Custom Cases: If what’s out there doesn’t quite do it for you, customize it!! We’ve rounded up 10 options for one-of-a-kind cases.

21. iPhone Wallets: All you need is your iPhone and a wad of cash? These wallets, clutches, and cases are all about streamlining your essentials.

22. Clock Docks: If you’re like us, you probably use your iPhone as an alarm. Why not give it a nightstand-friendly home?

23. iPhone Docks: Or simply want a stand that’s as stylish as your phone? We’ve got that too.

For Shortcut Chefs

24. DIY Foodie: Love to make and got a friend or ten that loves to eat? Make them edible gifts!

25. Colorful Cooking Gifts: For the chef who loves color as much as cooking, these bright tools will add a pop of color to any kitchen.

26. Foodie Couple Gift Guide: Officially a wedding gift guide, this roundup is all about the couple who loves to eat, cook, and be merry.

27. Unique Utensils: Need a silverware remix?

28. Shortcut Chef Part I: The first part of our essentials for the shortcut chef includes an immersion blender, cake slicer, and more.

29. Ice Cream Gadgets: Addicted to scoops? These gadgets will certainly turn your love of ice cream up to 11.

30. Shortcut Chef Part II: More essentials for the shortcut chef!

31. Silly Sandwichery: Should probably file this one under absurd, but the grilled cheese toasting bags are legitimately useful.

32. Cupid-Friendly Cooking Tools: Lovesick? Each of these cooking tools was made for cupid, including a heart-shaped Le Creuset dutch oven.

For the Hostess with the Mostess

33. Pretty Placemats: What you place your plates on is an underrated art. These placemats are a quick way to premium hostess status.

34. Quirky Salad Servers: Salad servers that look like salad? Love it.

35. Chippers + Dippers: Who doesn’t love a good bowl of chips with some dip? Keep it streamlined and stylish with one of these cute bowls.

36. Hip Hop Hooray! Trays!: Never underestimate the power of a tray, especially when presenting store-bought or pre-packaged foods.

For those Working the Bar

37. Bottle Openers: If you’re manning the bar, you best have a cool bottle opener.

38. Ice Cube Trays: Ice Ice Baby in ice cube form. ‘Nuff said.

39. Tea Infusers: More puns! Tea Rex is a dinosaur-shaped tea infuser. Love.

40. H2O: Of course you’ve gotta get your H20 – these bottles keep the art of water consumption a little more interesting.

For Budding Interior Designers

41. Window Decals: Got a giant window that could use a little pizzazz? These decals will add a punch to any window large or small.

42. Cool Coat Racks: An @ sign coat rack? Yes, it’s real.

43. Curtain Call: Or if your windows need to get covered up, try one of these fun curtain options.

44. Planters for the Avant Gardener: Bookend planters, a planter that sits on any railing, and a succulent necklace.

45. Laundry Day: Even laundry day can be fun if you’ve got the right tools. We’re loving all the different colorful clothespins out there!

46. Neon Home: Does your home need a punch of color? Neon it up!

47. Book-Inspired Decor: Books always make the best decor, even as iPhone docks, coffee tables, and nightstands. Get inspired.

For the Workspace

48. Online + Offline To-Do Lists: Nothing like the perfectly formatted to-do list, whether you’re online or offline. Here are a few options for those who like to stay organized.

49. Fun Desk Accessories: A clip-on coffee holder for your desk? No more worry about spills near your computer.

50. Cool Clocks: The passing of time needn’t be so dull. Use your need for a clock to add a little creativity to your office.

51. Light Up Your Workspace: Same goes for light! Loving these desktop light options including a mini fireplace.

For Outdoorsy Types

52. Beach Day Essentials: From a table with wine holders that sticks in the sand to a tote that includes solar-powered speakers, we’ve got you ready for a beachy getaway.

53. Innovative Grills: It might be winter, but it’s always time to grill.

54. Rock Your Ride: Know an avid biker? Pump up their ride with speakers, custom color handlebar rings, and more.

55. You Can Stand Under My Umbrella: If you’ve got a friend in a rainy climate (read: Seattle or SF in the winter), they probably need to jazz up their umbrella.

56. Solar Power Hour: Or if they’re in a sunnier locale, help them harness the power of the sun with a whole bunch of solar-powered gadgets.

57. Grilling Gadgets: If you’ve already got a grill but need some accessories, all of these grilling gadgets are good to go.

58. Etsy Beachware: For a more vintage beach day, head to Etsy for 60s floppy hats, 50s coolers and ice boxes, and more.

For a Bit of Romance

59. Amazon Valentine’s Day: Want to add a little romance to your holiday? This gift guide was all about Valentine’s Day gifts you can get on Amazon Prime.

60. Creative Anniversary Gifts: The holidays are always a cuddly time – create another milestone this Christmas with one of our anniversary gift ideas.

61. Fifty Shades of Grey Gift Guide: Um. The title of this gift guide says it all.

62. Love-ly Prints: Giving the gift of art is always a good move, especially if you don’t always know how to say I love you.

For Dudes

63. Dudes V-Day Gift Guide: Moonshine cherries, bacon frosting, and more.

64. Dorky Dads: For dads who love their gadgets, this list includes a Darth Vader boombox, treadmill desk, and laser projection keyboard.

65. Holiday Gifts for the Discerning Dude: Similar to the Valentine’s Day guide, this includes a flask made from barnwood, Mastwood Bros chocolate and more.

For Fashionistas

66. Polka Dots: Polka dots are the new stripe, and we’ve rounded up a dozen duds to help you get dotty.

67. Superhero Style: Did seeing The Avengers make you want to moonlight as a superhero? This gift guide is all about tapping into your inner Wonder Woman.

68. T-Shirts for the Facebook Generation: Meh? Each of this punny t-shirts has Facebook generation written all over it.

69. Neon Vintage: Love the neon trend but want something truly unique? Go vintage. P.S. Zack Morris called. He wants his neon back.

70. Neon Swimsuits: Heading to the beach for the holidays? These swimsuits scream 80s color explosion.

For Those Who Love to Accessorize

71. Portable Makeup: If you know a gal who loves to put her face on but is always on the move, check out these portable makeup palettes.

72. Temporary Tattoos: Ink-curious? There are tons of fun and unique temporary tattoos out there and they make great stocking stuffers.

73. Pixelated Style: Geek it up! Each of these accessories is all about pixelation. We particularly love the pixelated glasses.

74. Sunglass Accessories: From sunglass stands to the best cases, this is a great guide for someone who can’t stop buying shades.

75. Sunglasses: On the other hand, maybe your friend needs new shades? We’ve got a pair for every type of gal.

76. Futuristic Beauty Gadgets: Love trying the latest and greatest innovations in the beauty world? These gadgets are straight out of the Jetsons.

77. Winter Tech-cessories: From audio earmuffs to ski goggles that also take video, this is the ultimate guide for those who love winter tech.

78. Geek is the New Black: An ASCII necklace? We <3 it!

79. Statement Rings: Originally created as a guide to non-traditional engagement rings, we think even married girls would love a ring from this list.

80. Megawatt Neon Accessories: Make it pop! These neon accessories are all from Etsy, and are Brit-approved.

81. Purses that Double as Laptop Bags: Let’s face it – laptop bags are not cute. This roundup of purses is all about bags that look good and also carry your tech.

82. Wooden Wearables: Love the look of those wooden iPhone cases? Wear it! From wooden shoes to wooden neckties, we’ve got you covered.

For Everyone Else

83. Subscriptions: There are so many awesome monthly gift subscriptions out there these days. From cheese to makeup to… Brit Kits!

84. Gadgets + Gifts for Grads: If someone who know recently graduated or moved across the country, this is a great gift guide. Tents, sunglasses, and Kindles, oh my!

85. Stocking Stuffers for Under $20: Self-explanatory :)

86. Successful Kickstarter Projects: The site is an easy way to find and buy successfully funded Kickstarter products! So fun.

87. Recycled Skateboard Products: Know a former skater? Then they’ll love all of these products. Bonus points for being green!

88. Mother’s Day on Amazon: A great collection of gifts for mom and available on Amazon prime.

89. Geeky Baby Gifts: The beta baby tee is maybe our favorite thing we’ve ever found.

90. The Best Etsy Finds: 44 of the best Etsy shops and items according to our readers.

For a Dose of Nonsense

91. Hammacher Schlemmer: Don’t you need an animatronic triceratops? We do.

92. Full House: Goodies that feature Full House, including an Uncle Jesse poster and SCRUNCHIES.

93. Pi Day: Nerd alert! For mathy friends, get them a pizza slicer in the shape of pi. Get it? Pi for Pizza Pie. Win.

94. Happy President’s Day: The weirdest roundup we’ve ever done.

95. Clueless Turned 17: And finally, 90s it up with randomness from Clueless, including a cross-stitched piece that says “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.”

Where do you turn for gift-giving inspiration? Share tips with us in the comments below.