Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, if you’re a procrastinator, don’t worry because we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 10 unique and easy ways to send your significant other gifts, straight from your phone! And if you’re ahead of the game and already got a V-Day gift, then you can congratulate yourself by sending yourself a gift. You deserve it ;)

1. Gyft: It’s all about gift cards with Gyft. Not only can you upload and organize your own personal gift cards with this app, you can also buy and send gift cards. They store all your gift card information so you can use your gift card wherever, whenever. Now, you don’t have to lug a thick stack of gift cards around whenever you go shopping. (Free on iPhone and Android)

2. Giftly: Although it sounds like Gyft, Giftly is pretty different. The fun part about this app is that you can turn anything into a gift. You can gift a night out at the opera, or dinner at that fancy new restaurant. Because Giftly doesn’t work directly with the merchants, the possibilities for gifts are endless! So go on and gift that martini to your bestie. (Free on iPhone, Android users can use their mobile web app)

3. Facebook Gifts (formerly known as Karma): Gifting gets even easier now that it syncs with your Facebook events and notifications. Forgot your friend’s birthday? Fortunately, you can use Facebook gifts to instantly send him or her a gift. Simply go to your friend’s timeline, click send gift, select a gift and send it virtually to your friend. From there, the recipient enters shipping address and also what size, type, etc. Now you’ll never give shoes in the wrong size again! (Free for Facebook users, no additional app needed!)

4. Tango Card: It doesn’t take two to tango with the Tango card. The Tango card does it all. All you need to do is gift a certain amount, and Tango will take care of the rest. The recipient can choose to redeem it in any way, and they’ll even get reminders to use up every penny of their gift card so nothing goes to waste. They can also upload their other gift cards and store it on the Tango app too. (Free on iPhone, Android, and Windows)

5. Square Wallet: If you’re an avid user of Square, then you’ll love Square Wallet. While Square is mainly known for giving anyone the ability to swipe a credit card for payment, they also have another wallet function. Not only can you pay with your phone at participating stores, you can also use the wallet function to give gift cards to your loved ones. (Free on iPhone and Android)

6. Wrapp: Similar to Facebook gifts, Wrapp mainly gifts using Facebook. However, unlike Facebook Gifts, Wrapp focuses on gift cards. You can send gift cards for a wide variety of stores, including H&M or Hulu! Or… just send a $5 gift card to Sephora for free. Yeah, you read correctly. Free! We think we might have to send that to ourselves too… (Free for iPhone and Android)

7. Sesame: Familiar with Sincerely Ink? Well now they’ve come out with a new gifting service, Sesame. We love Sesame because you’re not just giving gifts, but you’re giving gifting experiences. Stumped as to what to get your friend who has everything? Give them a themed gift box that has specially curated items, such as the Baby Playdate or Bedtime Ritual gift box. So sweet! (Free for iPhone)

8. Treater: Wanna give a small gift to thank someone for just being them? That’s when Treater comes into play. Treater focuses on small treats that you can give without any special occasion. So go on, treat your loyal friends to that delicious but pricey coffee they love but don’t always buy for themselves. (Free on iPhone and Android)

9. Boomerang: Boomerang is another service focused on giving gift cards. We like how you can give a wide variety of gifts to lots of unique curated places, including (our favorite) or Hula Hut. It also syncs to Facebook so you get those handy birthday reminders. (Free for iPhone)

10. Passbook: If you’re an iPhone user, then you won’t even have to download Passbook, it’s already included in your phone! Passbook is a great service that’s here to help you keep track of all your papers that normally would be included in your wallet. This means it holds boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards, and of course, gift cards. So if you haven’t started using Passbook, get on it because it’s about to make your life much more convenient. (Free for iPhone)

What mobile gifting app will you choose? Let us know (or send us a gift) in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!