We know what you’re thinking. The easiest way… ever? But for real. Forget the gold leaf, forget the gold paint and painter’s tape, leave the paint pens in the pen holder on your desk. This hack is all about gold contact paper, a few strategic cuts, and a matter of minutes. And, the method is perfect for chic-ing up your pet bowls — who says your pup or kitty doesn’t want as stylish dishware as you? ;)

 – ceramic or glass dog bowls

– gold contact paper

 – scissors

See? Could those materials be simpler? Well, I suppose the dog bowls could be plastic, but contact paper doesn’t like sticking to plastic very much so we found ceramic or glass works best.

For the first bow, we went with stripes. Cut off a strip of contact paper wide enough that it spans the height of your bowl. Then cut into strips.

Apply strips of contact paper to your bowl and trim to size.

Yikes! Stripes! :)

Next up, we created a sunburst design using a bunch of randomly cut triangles. There’s no real method or pattern to this. You just want long triangles that will cover your bowl. Apply them by placing the point up on the bowl and smoothing down to the bottom. Beware, there will be air bubbles! Smooth them out using the back of a spoon if you need to.

Boom! A sunburst!

Stack ’em up and keep them at the ready for friends and family with pets this holiday season.

Or fill ’em up with food and water for your own pet!

These would make for a fun homemade gift for pet owners, or even for your pet.

Thanks toMilk-Bone®for helping us launch Brit + Co. Pets and for helping us keep our dogs healthy and happy.