Soon you’ll see sweet abodes pop up all over town… it’s Christmastime! If you’re as big a gingerbread house fan as we are, start your own construction without stepping foot in the home improvement store. These 13 delightful dwellings are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, OBVI. And, thankfully, we’re getting all of this sweetness *just* in time for the holidays. No need to look any further for delectable Christmas treats — you have all the inspiration you need right here.

DIY Gingerbread House Idea

1. DIY Gingerbread House: A wreath on the door and candy cane windows say “Home Sweet Home” in this warm and welcoming design. This pink version is the perfect project to decorate with your gal pals during the holidays. (via Butter Hearts Sugar)

Swedish Cottage Gingerbread House

2. Swedish Cottage House: This spacious gingerbread house includes fab design work and a touch of snow to give it a warm and approachable touch. Bonus: The cottage feel is perfect for a rustic holiday get-together. (via Vibeke Design)

 Snow Globe à la Mode Gingerbread House

3. Snow Globe à la Mode: Bet you’ve never had a dessert this adorable (and impressive)! Part snow globe and part dessert, a tiny gingerbread house in a glass bowl over vanilla ice cream snow is the perfect way to end a meal. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

Valentine’s Day Gingerbread House

4. Valentine’s Day Gingerbread House: Versatility is the name of the game with a gingerbread house coated in candy. If you don’t want to make it now, this design is also perfect for Valentine’s Day… or just give it to bae around the holidays instead. (via Gingerbread Journal)

Gingerbread Fairytale Castle

5. Gingerbread Fairytale Castle: This gingerbread castle is what dreams are made of. To take it up yet another level, add a moat and horses around the back of this lovely design. (via Tesco)

The Solvang Bakery Gingerbread Barn

6. The Solvang Bakery Gingerbread Barn ($350): Save some time and purchase a kit to construct this amazing gingerbread barn that is vibrant and fun. Plus, the kiddies will simply love the addition of little critters. You can’t keep the animals out in the cold, after all.

Vermont Holiday Gingerbread Farmhouse Idea

7. Vermont Holiday Gingerbread Farmhouse: Doesn’t a trip to Vermont sound ideal for this time of year? No worries if you can’t make the trip IRL. Create this picturesque New England-style gingerbread farmhouse to enjoy right at home. (via King Arthur Flour)


8. Palm Springs Gingerbread House: A mid-century modern gingerbread house will make you the talk of the town. You can even add candy cactus plants and a flagstone driveway to this California desert beauty. (via A Beautiful Mess)


9. Scout Regalia Geodesic Dome Kit ($25): Not every house has four walls. Let your freak flag fly and build a futuristic geodesic dome gingerbread house… because the future is cool, DUH.


10. Gingerbread Brownstone: What urbanite wouldn’t love sharing a brownstone gingerbread house with friends visiting from the ‘burbs? If you’re a city girl, then this MIGHT just be the perfect way to showcase your winter wonderland. (via Kitchen Table Scraps)


11. Swedish Gingerbread House: Fancy yourself a woman of the world? Then you’ll love the design of this charming Swedish gingerbread house. (via Tesco)


12. Gingerbread Tower Bridge: You won’t find a front door to this gingerbread “house,” but you’ll recognize it on the spot. This sweet replica of London’s Tower Bridge is a *total* showstopper. (via Tesco)


13. DIY Retro Camper Gingerbread House: Home is where your camper rolls! A retro camper gingerbread house will be a hit with hipsters and non-hipsters alike at your next holiday gathering. (via Sugar and Cloth)

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