What you notice in other people says a lot about you, whether it’s their It-girl fashion, good character, impressive talent, or magical ability to always be the luckiest person in the room. According to licensed psychologist Dr. Lauren Hazzouri from Hey Lauren, you can actually learn more about yourself and create more positivity around you by taking notes about what you see in others. Scroll on for her thoughts on why heartfelt praise is so powerful and five super solid sentiments you can aim to share every day.

Why are compliments important?

Hazzouri believes that giving compliments makes it easy to connect with others in a meaningful way. It’s also a surefire method for bringing more positivity to your life. “The best part is that the more we give, the more we receive in return — every time,” she says. Basically, observing the best in others and complimenting them in a genuine way is important for both you and the person on the receiving end.

“For you, taking the time to notice someone is sure to increase humility, decrease self-centeredness, and help you to feel your power and connectedness,” she explains. “For the receivers, your compliments are little reminders that they are here, seen, and a part of a community. Bottom line: Compliments are a win-win!”

5 Compliments to dish out Daily

1. Your place here matters. Hazzouri says, “Regardless of who we are and where we come from, we all long to feel our purpose.” She tells us that seeing another person clearly and reminding them of their impact is reinforcing. “Remember, we each need to feel our value. Creating an opportunity for another to feel his or her value is the kindest thing you can do.”

2. Your presence makes me better. “Telling another person that his or her presence reinforces all that you are is huge. Is there anything better than telling someone that they have the power to elevate another human being?” Hazzouri asks. We think not!

3. You’re doing it. Life can feel totally overwhelming sometimes and Hazzouri agrees that a little encouragement can go a long way. “When you tell someone that they’re already doing “it,” your words have a way of reducing stress and shifting their perspective. A cognitive shift is many times all it takes to bring someone from stressed to effective.” We’re all a little too hard on ourselves sometimes, so pointing out to a friend all that they’re accomplishing is super helpful.

4. You’re brave. Hazzouri reminds us that people have core beliefs about themselves, other people, life in general, and the future. She says that these core beliefs are correlated with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. “Telling another person that you see their strengths, that what’s inside matters, and giving a glimpse at them through your eyes has the potential to make them feel better and achieve great things.”

5. You’re an inspiration. Life can be grueling and daily tasks can be boring, but Hazzouri says that when you tell someone that “the whole of what they do day-in and day-out is greater than the sum of its parts,” it makes a big difference in their lives. “Being inspired by another person is one thing, but letting them know is giving the gift right back to them,” she promises.

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