As we go about our daily routines both in and out of the workweek grind, it’s easy to forget (as much as we hate to admit it) about the big picture. Issues on a much (much) grander scale than say, your FB account getting hacked or being late to yoga class. And while those blips in our day DO effect our moods, it’s refreshing to have reminders to shift our priorities so that we’re able to care more about things other than what our wearables monitor. That’s just what this beautiful soap sets out to do.

Created by designer William Lee, the stunning set of iridescent hand-crafted soap was inspired by the icebergs + glaciers in the Arctic that are melting due to global warming. As time goes on and these all-natural glycerin soaps are used, the frosty facets dissolve slowly. Get the metaphor?

Called A Glacier Adrift, the aim of the set of soap is “to be a subtle reminder to be gentle to our environment and the impact we cause,” making bathing a more poignant practice than it was before. The crystalline hunk in your tub might inspire you to make small yet Earth-effective decisions to switch up your routine, like cutting your shower off at the five minute mark, turning off the water while you brush your pearly whites or sneaking in a cold(er) wash every once in a while. And who knows? Maybe one day that hyper awareness will go beyond the bathroom walls and lead to even more impactful practices with more mindful people.

But the soaps make doing good even easier than that: A percentage of the proceeds from the $42 soap set will be donated to Al Gore-endorsed charities 1% for the Planet, and The Climate Reality. It’s never been easier to keep you + the polar bears happy at the same time.

What other products have you bought recently that do good in the world? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Design Milk)