Gold is a color that demands attention, which is exactly what you want when you’re rocking a brand new nail art design. Just put that together to DIY the turned up twosome that is the gold manicure. And yeah, we know — it’s not holiday season. But trust us: The height of summer is also the perfect time to rock the gilded nail look. Consider it your detox post-red, white and blue-d up digits or a welcome break from this season’s so-bright neon lacquers. Find a wealth of new summer nail inspo with these 20 gorg gold manicures.

1. Straight Up Metallic: This mani proves that even a basic topcoat can look completely fierce. Cheers to the no-fuss beauty crew — join by picking the perfect chrome-finish polish. (via Fenzyme)

2. Gold Geo Tips: Gold lacquer makes the most gorgeous accent polish. Use it to add an extra something special to a black and white mani. (via Vanilla Extract)

3. Angular Gold and Pink: Pink, nude + gold are a trio made in color heaven, and we love the way this beauty blogger combines the hues for a fun, fresh feel. (via Pshiiit)

4. Gold Half Moons: Go ahead, take a minute to swoon over these Insta-worthy gold half moons. Then get to acing this two-polish look stat! (via Refinery29)

5. Glitter Dots and Gold Tips: Now this is a grown-up way to wear glitter: With the thinnest shimmer tips and tiniest glittering dots on a stark white base. #nailedit (via Petite Peinture)

6. Glittery Tips: Whether it was boredom or a too-early polish chip that baited you, it’s hard to keep your tips away from glitter polish for too long. Good thing the look is an instant stunner. (via Chic Steals)

7. Golden Rule Nail Art: The thing we love most about this abstract nail art design is that you can wear it with practically any outfit. Rock it with jeans and a crop top to your fave watering hole or toss on a pleated skirt and wear it to your best bud’s wedding. (via Essie)

8. Gold + Pastel Color Blocks: Three colors. One seriously head-turning mani. Add this color block number to your list of nail art to DIY. (via So Nailicious)

9. Glitter Beds: Pink polish + chunky glitter = posh perfection. Compliment this mani with your collection of delicate stacking rings. (via Born in ‘82)

10. Golden Ratio Manicure: Grab your nail striping tape! The wow-factor of this geometric mani comes from the glittery strips on top of a coat of black (matte, even!) lacquer. (via Brit + Co)

11. Dotted Gold: Unleash your creativity with this quirky mani that requires no special tools to put on. Freehand your finest dots in an arch shape toward the top of your nail. (via Refinery29)

12. Glitter Gradient Nails: We can’t believe there was a time when ombre and glitter weren’t bffs. We totally dig this dreamy look that starts off condensed at the cuticles and drifts off toward the tip. (via PopSugar)

13. Gold and White Chevron: If you’re gonna layer over that glittering gold base, might as well do it with a just-as-chic pattern. Chevron FTW! (via Brit + Co)

14. Gold Outline: This might be the most epic way to dress up barely-there polish. Paint on gold tips + matching half moons for a runway-worthy look. (via le Fashion)

15. Gold Zig Zags: The trick to creating those way cool stripes? Office tape! Yep, like the kind right there on your desk. Go on, take a 5-min mani break, we won’t tell! (via Pshiiit)

16. What’s My Angle Nail Art: Gold and navy!? We die — especially when the hues partner up for such a smart and simple design. (via Essie)

17. Gold Leaf Nail Art: Nail hack! Use gold leaf to add luxe specks to your mani. It looks downright regal over any pastel polish. (via Chic Steals)

18. Mix and Match Pattern Mani: We just can’t quit this mani mash-up. Serious kudos to So Nailicious for getting dots and stripes and glitter to play nice together. (via So Nailicious)

19. Gold Accent Nail: Sometimes changing up one nail is all it takes to reinvent the nail game. Rock it like this from day one or update a week-old look with this stand out hack. (via Pshiiit)

20. Sunburst Nails: Burst onto any scene with this striking nail art and you’re guaranteed to get a nod of approval. We’ll just go ahead and say it: Gold never looked so good! (via PopSugar)

What’s your fave way to wear gold nails during the summer? Tell us about your go-to nail art designs in the comments below.