Sure, we do our fair share of obsessing over red carpet gowns during the Oscars, but what really makes us geek out is the promise of super chic nail art. And as we start planning the ultimate viewing party, we can’t help but think about how we’re going to trick out our nails to celebrate Hollywood’s most glamorous night (‘cause come on, you never know where there might be a mani cam creepin’!). One thing’s for sure: you can’t go wrong with Oscar gold—achieve A-List status with these 20 gold manicures.

1. Gold Half Moons: Pops of blue are showing up everywhere this season, so why not continue the trend on your nails? This shade of sky blue looks like a dream paired with gold half moons. (via Refinery29)

2. Gold Lace Mani: Amp up the drama on your gold mani with lace. Just apply the scraps of black netting over your fave gold polish for maximum effect. (via Maria Just Do It)

3. Gold Textured Dots: Sucker for polka dots? Yeah, us too, especially when they’re used to embellish a velvet mani (what!). Hack the look with flocking powder and a mechanical pencil, which is used to precisely place each gold dot. (via The Beauty Department)

4. Asymmetrical French Mani: A French mani can be so much more than pearly white tips—we love this asymmetrical take on the classic look, especially over a base coat of glittering gold. (via Once Over Lightly)

5. Glitter Gradient: Looking for a totally grown up way to wear glitter? This gradient nail art is it! Start with a heavy application toward the cuticle to get this look that would work for St. Patrick’s Day, too. (via BellaSugar)

6. Gold Geo Mani: We don’t need to tell you how amazing white and gold look together, especially when they’re used to create this geometric mani. Tribal pattern never looked so chic. (via Brit + Co.)

7. Trail of Gold Nails: Gold rhinestones and glitter mingle to create the most stunning 3D manicure. Grab a pair of tweezers to make the application ultra easy. (via …love Maegan)

8. Black and Gold Stripes: This manicure combines two of our favorite things: crisp, clean lines and gilded nail art! You won’t ever guess what material was used to make these thick, rugby-inspired stripes. (via Minted Strawberry)

9. Pink and Gold: Keep things light and pretty with this tri-color mani. That glittering gold contrast nail makes the look feel super fresh. (via Pshiiit)

10. Gold Stud Nail Art: Studded nails don’t have to look scary, as you can see with this manicure that combines simple, yet striking white polish with diamond-style studs. It’s a must-try weekend look. (via BellaSugar)

11. Metallic Sharpie Mani: Don’t worry: it’s insanely easy to get these intricate looking nails, all thanks to your pal Sharpie. This blog recommends this water-based kind with an extra fine tip so you can get as detailed as you desire. (via The Beauty Department)

12. Gold Leaf Mani: This might be one of our favorite ways to add a golden touch to your nails: with legit gold leaf. The resulting crackled look is ultra luxe. (via Vitamini Handmade)

13. Gold French Mani: Here’s another modern twist on a French Mani: use glitter gold nail polish to trick out your tips. For such a simple upgrade, it sure has a major impact. (via Chic Steals)

14. Gold Scalloped Mani: We’re really nuts about this nail art hack that uses scalloped craft scissors to create fancy appliques from gold painted office tape. Genius! (via Minted Strawberry)

15. Everything Nails: Nail art dilemma: do you wear stripes, dots, or full-on glitter? Our advice: wear ‘em all at once! This blogger schools you on the right way to mix and match. (via So Nailicious)

16. Gold Moon Outline: Yes, you can wear gold glitter polish to a formal event, and this is the way to do it. A pretty pastel shade tames the glitz of the gold, which is sparingly used to outline a clear half moon design. (via Pshiiit)

17. Gold Star Mani: Add a mini Walk of Fame to your digits with these iron-on nailheads. Seriously, this might really be the most Oscar-worthy mani around. (via Trinkets in Bloom)

18. Metallic Chevron: Combine silver and gold nail wraps to get the most eye-catching manicure ever. Even if you’re not in the mood to trim ten chevron tips, you could easily add a silver wrap to your ring finger and thumb to keep it blingin’. (via Refinery29)

19. Gold Confetti: Our answer to the ultimate New Year’s Eve mani is also a top contender among all things gold nail art, and it’s so easy to do! Simply place a piece of gold confetti near the cuticle of each nail, then vogue your heart out! (via Brit + Co.)

20. Starburst Nail Art: We’re floored by this awesomely elegant mani that features a stunning starburst on every digit. This one will take some time—snipping tape into these pointy shapes isn’t our idea of fun—but the result is too insane to not at least try. (via BellaSugar)

What do you consider your ultimate gold mani? Do you use gold as a base or as an embellishment? What are your fave designs in this roundup or around the web? Tell us in the comments below.