Serious spam alert, scam-savvy friends! If you receive an invitation to access a Google Doc today, you’d better double check with the source that it’s legit. That’s because what appears to be a widespread phishing attack is sweeping across the country.


Reportedly spreading through users’ contact lists, according to The Atlantic, IT experts are describing this cyber attack as huge and moving at an incredibly fast pace.

Here’s what you need to know: The invitation will come from one of your existing contacts and may look totally legit at first. Often, you’ll appear to have been cc’d, but however it comes, once you click that link, you’ve been hit. The attack immediately replicates itself and will begin spamming everyone in your own contact list. Yep, it’s nasty, so (obviously) try to do your best to avoid it.

If you fear you’ve already been hit, then head over to Google’s security page to adjust permissions by choosing “manage apps” and then revoke access to any and all apps you don’t trust. Good luck!

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(h/t The Atlantic; photo via Chris Jackson/Getty)