We don鈥檛 know what we鈥檇 do without Netflix. From giving us the best original shows and docs to reviving old faves and being our go-to for holiday movie marathoning, it鈥檚 literally always there for us. So when we heard about this super sketchy phishing scam attached to the streaming site, we basically panicked.

Now, fear not: The scam didn鈥檛 affect Netflix itself. But it鈥檚 very possible that your credit card could have been compromised. If you received an email from bae Netflix asking you to update your Netflix login information 鈥 and you did it 鈥 check your CC statement stat.

Normally, scam emails trying to look like they鈥檙e from companies like Apple or Netflix are obviously fake 鈥 riddled with typos or weird links. But the scary thing about this latest scam is that everything from the emails to the landing site where you were asked to enter your account info looked super legit. And not only did they look realistic, but police say that legitimate servers were compromised, which means the email might not have been flagged as spam. Yikes.

After clicking through to change your login info, the phishing site asked for your credit card info and even your Social Security Number, which is where you might start to question the legitimacy of this exchange. No site like Netflix should need your SSN on file.

The fake info-collecting sites have since been removed, so hopefully the scam is over. But if you clicked through this email and updated your info, check to make sure there are no charges you didn鈥檛 make. (But no, they won鈥檛 believe that all your holiday shopping was the result of a Netflix scam.)

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(h/t KUTV, featured photo via @netflix, photo via Getty)