Leave it to a pop star to make Google Glass actually, legitimately look cool. Singer FKA twigs (also known as Robert Pattinson’s brand-new gf) has just released a high-concept video called #throughglass featuring her strangely beautiful dance moves + a thick-rimmed version of the notoriously-dorky wearable looking more covetable than ever before.

In the mini-music video she directed for Google Glass, twigs nods and taps her smart frames to cue up songs, watch dance vids and view beauty tutorials — all actions we’ve seen Glass wearers take before, just not quite like this. In #throughtheglass, twigs krumps her way through a doppelgänger dance off, summons a badass gymnast troupe and dons bugged out eye makeup that’s sure to inspire a last-minute Halloween costume or two — all with the aid of her Glass. The next-level performance is a completely captivating, not just for these reasons, but also because the specs themselves have hands-down never looked cooler. Though let’s be real, twigs could make any gadget look high-fashion, probably even an Ostrich Pillow.

We’ve watched Glass fail to make waves with the cool kids since its beginning — the bulky build (and less bulky build), the annoying gestures and the idea of being constantly distracted connected by something so glaringly obvious are all reasons why the wearable has so far failed at becoming a cultural showpiece. It even fell flat on the catwalk, maybe because the stone-faced models just couldn’t get across what exactly Glass added to their persons — certainly nothing in a fashion sense, but tech-wise, who knows? Here, twigs showcases the wearable’s innovative features in a flashy performance worthy of an encore. And that alone deserves a standing O, because we never thought the day would come when we actually wanted to see more of Google Glass in action.

What do you think of FKA twig’s otherworldly vid? What pop star would you want to see using Glass? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Dazed)