We didn’t just hack Katy Perry’s epic “Dark Horse” music video outfits to turn them into easily DIY-able Halloween costumes — yep, all four looks! We’re also breaking down her killer Cleopatra-inspired cat eye step-by-step. Both the icy blue shadow and graphic black liner are as essential to this KP incarnation as her blunt cut wig. ‘Cause really, no Katy Perry look is complete without rainbow-colored makeup and a wig.

So you wanna play with magic? Scroll through to learn how to create a makeup look that’s fit for a Queen of the Nile.

1. Using a flat angled liner brush, apply the dramatic cat eye outline with a deep teal shadow. I am using Fringe from Urban Decay’s Electric palette ($49).

2. Now take a flat shadow brush and fill in your eyelid with a shimmery bright teal shadow like Peace from Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette ($23). Blend it right up to the edge of the line you made for the cat eye.

3. Go over the original cat eye line with a bright blue matte shadow like Chaos from Urban Decay’s Electric Palette ($49), but this time extend it more into the crease of your lid. You are trying to create a gradual line that will fade almost all the way into to the inner corner of your eye.

4. Trace over the cat eye line you just created with a black gel liner like Stila’s Smudge Crayon ($22). Use a really fine point liner brush for this step.

5. Using the same gel liner + fine point brush, line your entire upper lash line and inner lower lash line, which should fade into a fine line toward your outer lash line. Make these two lines meet at a point that’s drawn out slightly onto the bridge of your nose.

6. Add more of the bright blue matte shadow with a flat shadow brush to the inside of the cat eye flick to make the lines pop.

7. Extend your lower lash line out to meet your cat eye flick with a shimmery gold shadow like Half-Baked from Urban Decay’s Naked palette ($54). Use another fine pointed liner brush for this step.

8. Use a smaller flat brush to apply the same gold shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Blend it into the bright teal for a soft blended finish.

9. Use a fluffy shadow brush and gently layer the shimmery bright teal shadow (that’s Peace from Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette ($28) again, folks) onto the center of your eyelids.

10. Curl your lashes!

11. Apply a few coats of your favorite volumizing mascara.

12. Fill in those brows to make them bold and full — our go-to tool is Billion Dollar Brow’s Universal Pencil ($12).

13. Now heavily conceal underneath your eyes to lighten, brighten and smooth out any flaws so you have a solid foundation to apply the intricate liner that finalizes this look!

14. On your left eye, use a fine tipped brush to add a gently curled line with black gel liner about a 1/2-inch below the point on your inner eye. Draw it up so that it sweeps under your lower back liner and under the gold you applied beneath your cat eye flick.

15. Draw the same on your right eye using the same brush and gel liner, but this time add a second point that dips straight down in the center of your eye.

16. Now add a third and final point that dramatically curls in toward your eye.

17. Apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks.

18. Use a highlighter like High Beam by Benefit ($37) with a flat foundation brush to your cheekbones and onto the apples of your cheeks.

Once you’ve DIYed this look… there’s no goin’ back. And that’s even if you’re not dressing up as KP for Halloween. Lose the lower liner and swap in purple shadow and you’re Angelina Jolie in Maleficient. Switch it up with green shadow and you’re easily the Bride of Frankenstein or a really, really wicked witch.

But if you do stick to dressing up like KP, you still have to decide which “Dark Horse” heroine is your October 31 muse.

Are you dressing up as Katy Perry for Halloween? Which other celebs’ looks do you want to DIY? Tell us about your favorite pop culture costumes in the comments below.