If you have a dog, or have a close friend or family member with one, you’ll probably want to read on. Barkbox, one of our favorite subscription services, is partnering with us here at Brit to offer three (yes, THREE!) of you lucky readers a free box of goodies for the special pup in your life.

Barkboxes, delivered monthly, typically come packed with all kinds of items, ranging from treats to toys. They make sure to get a bit of data on your dog (how big they are, etc) to deliver customized items that he or she will love. Having personally been a member for the past two months, I can attest that Pixel is a big fan. In fact, his favorite Barkbox gift has been an electric massager… yep, it’s true, the boy likes a good shoulder rub. Like mother, like dog, I suppose.

To enter your pup into the giveaway, just leave a comment below and tell us: 1) Your dog’s name, 2) His/her favorite toy, and 3) His/her favorite treat.

We will choose a winner by midnight PT on Monday, February 13th — just in time to give your pup some extra love on Valentine’s Day!