We’re getting in the Halloween spirit early here at Brit HQ, and we have lots of ghoulishly good stuff coming soon. But we wanted to start out the halloween cheer today to get everyone in the spirit. Here are our favorite little things to stock up on now, so you’re prepared when fright night rolls around.

1. Nomskulls Cupcake Molds ($10): These cupcake molds will give you a chance to perfect your technique at making realistic frosting brains—a resume-worthy skill if you ask us!

2. Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass ($10): Take your shots out of this eerie shot glass. We’d love to try jello shots in them so you’d have to suck out the brains!

3. Psycho Shower Curtain ($20): We guarantee you’ll always carefully pull back this curtain before jumping in the shower each morning.

4. Rainbow Skulls Scarf ($5): Now is the time to pick up this scarf. It’ll be perfect for the entire month of October!

5. Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutters ($7): Dem bones are always better when they’re made of gingerbread!

6. Gelatin Heart Mold ($6): This mold might just be a tad too realistic for our taste, but it could be a good decoy for the zombie apocalypse.

7. Blood Bath Hand Towel ($14): This towel looks unbelievably real at first glance—especially when it’s hanging in the kitchen and there’s a cleaver on the counter.

8. Halloween Fingernail Friends ($9): Show off your spooky spirit on your hands with these nail stickers. We’d recommend doing a statement nail leading up to the holiday.

9. Halloween Skull Pancake Molds ($20): Make breakfast a bit spookier with these pancake molds. We bet scrambled eggs would make some pretty convincing brains.

10. Skeleton Salad Servers ($20): These servers give new meaning to asking for a hand with dinner.

11. Thirst Aid Hydration Pack Flask ($6): This IV drip flask is just made for bringing spiked red Kool-Aid to the halloween party. We’re betting it will get some funny looks in meetings at the office, too.

12. Zombie Foot Dog Toy ($10): Even Fido can get in on the Halloween action. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take it too far and start gnawing on your foot!

13. Eyeball Sprinkles ($4): Until it’s time to start decorating Halloween cookies, keep these candy eyeballs in an apothecary jar on your counter. We’d recommend labeling it “eye of newt.”

14. Remote Control Pumpkin Lights ($22): How great will it be to magically make your pumpkin light up just as your friends walk up to your door? We’re betting it will give them a fright.

15. EMT Emergency Insulated Lunch Box ($24): If you take your lunch to work everyday, we’d recommend grabbing this lunchbox. It will definitely will deter any lunch thieves lurking in your break room.

16. Torso Skeleton iPhone Case ($43): This one doesn’t necessarily just need to be for Halloween, but it will make your call home to your family just a bit more eerie.

17. Bleeding Skull Candle ($13): This might look like an ordinary skull candle, but as you light it the red wax inside melts and starts to ooze out the eye sockets. Awesome.

18. Halloween Cookie Stamps ($8): One skull and crossbones the other vampire teeth, we’re betting you’ll get good use out of these spookily sweet stamps.

19. Gold Skull Mug ($16): Let’s all just take a second to appreciate the fact that this gold skull mug has a blinged out grill.

20. Blood Bath Shower Gel ($9): Like something straight out of Dexter, this shower gel adds a gory twist to your morning routine.

21. Knife Cupcake Decorations ($7): Make your cupcakes 10 times scarier with these cleaver knife decorations. We think they’d be great in cake pops, too!

22. Vampire Bottle Opener ($3): You’ll need these teeth in order to suck down your bottle of blood…er we mean beer.

23. Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold ($6): Satisfy your craving for brains (especially ones with worms coming out of them) with this gelatin mold. We think peach Jell-O would look most realistic.

24. Day of the Dead Face Tattoos ($3): Okay, you might not wear these before Halloween, but we’d recommend ordering them now, we’re guessing they’ll sell out fast.

25. Zombie Glass Decanter ($20): Make guests in your home do a double take with this undead decanter.

Have you started to get in the Halloween spirit? Tell us your favorite part about the holiday!