Caring for your gut is a very important component of a good health routine. Every day, it seems that yet another study links its bacteria to some component of well-being, whether it’s mental health or acne-free skin. Taking probiotics is obviously one way to boost your microbiome, but we prefer these 12 recipes to help improve digestion and your overall gut health.


1. Citrus and Rosemary Kombucha: There are two types of foods you need for a healthy gut: probiotics and prebiotics. While probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in the gut and help with nutrient absorption, prebiotics are what feed them. Kombucha is a probiotic-rich food made from fermented tea, so it’s a great drink to add into your diet. (via The Wild Gut)


2. Dandelion and Chicory Chai: Now for a prebiotic. Dandelion is one of those foods that’s good at pretty much *everything* — especially feeding your gut bacteria. This warming chai drink is a great substitute for your morning coffee, boasting the flavors of cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and honey. (via The Kitchn)


3. Belgian Endive and Apple Salad: Endive is another prebiotic ingredient that’s fantastic for supporting a heathy and diverse microbiome. Topped with crumbled goat cheese and loaded with sweet fuji apples, this salad certainly doesn’t taste like a health food… but it is. (via Rhubarbarians)


4. Garlic Cumin Sauerkraut: Though making homemade sauerkraut is essentially pretty easy, it’s vitally important that you take care to press your cabbage down SUPER well. It should be completely submerged under the liquid on top. Pro tip: You might want to consider placing a smaller mason jar inside of the jar you’re using to hold it down. (via Bare Root Girl)


5. Banana Nut Overnight Oats With Walnuts: Oats and bananas are both prebiotics, which makes this tasty breakfast recipe a boon for gut health. You may even want to consider gluten-free rolled oats. Gluten is a notorious gut offender, and is especially problematic if you suspect you may have a sensitivity. (via A Sweet Pea Chef)


6. 15-Minute Hot Garlic Shrimp: When it comes to gut health, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with eating fish or meat, but most gut-supporting foods tend to be plants. Nonetheless, due to its prebiotic properties, we thought we’d include this dinner-appropriate recipe that will fill you up while supporting your digestive health. (via Little Spice Jar)


7. Sautéed Dandelion Greens: This recipe *honestly* couldn’t get any simpler. You just sauté five basic ingredients, including gut-healthy dandelion greens, over medium heat to come up with this tasty and nutritious side dish. (via Philosokitchen)


8. Slow Cooker “Better Than Botox” Bone Broth:Bone broth is one of the newest concoctions to be dubbed a superfood, thanks to its profile of healthy fats and proteins like collagen. It also happens to be extremely healing for the gut and FANTASTIC for digestive health. (via Platings and Pairings)


9. Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad: Gluten-free and full of healthy ingredients, this tabbouleh recipe is light, refreshing, and packed with vegan protein. With prebiotic ingredients like garlic, parsley, and onion, you really can’t go wrong. (via Chef de Home)


10. Kimchi Me Crazy: Kimchi is similar to sauerkraut in nature, but it hails from Korea and boasts a slightly different flavor profile. Use this homemade kimchi atop tacos, meats, salads, sausages, and even pizza. (via Allergy Free Alaska)


11. Dijon Roasted Asparagus: Asparagus is a powerful prebiotic, so gut bacteria just love the stuff. And — bonus — it’s super easy to make. Just bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes and you’re good to go. (via Life in the Lofthouse)


12. Mushroom and Leek Soup: Leeks — allium vegetables similar to onions — and mushrooms are both prebiotic, which makes this soup super healthy for your digestive system. As a bonus, soups are intensely hydrating, which promotes digestive regularity and hydration. Score! (via Girl Gone Gourmet)

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