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Crystal Braddock
Crystal Braddock
15 Aug, 2020

I don't agree with your choices. As far as I'm concerned, Planet Oat is the best tasting oat mil, including the Extra Creamy. I don't mind the color as it's perfect for making ice cream that looks like French Vanilla. Quaker Oats is the worst that I've tasted. I do agree with some of your choices.

04 Feb, 2021

Thanks for buying and trying all of these brands. I've only purchased three on your list but agree that Oatly is the clear winner. This is irritating because it's hard to find, whereas 2% milk (which I no longer drink) is ubiquitous. Incidentally, "canola" is a marketing term. It's a portmanteau of "Canada Oil" that was coined by Canadian rapeseed growers. So the two oils are not "similar".

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