With the divorce rate at 44% for Americans, there are a vast amount of couples in the US trying to co-parent. Those couples could include you, your parents, your friends and Gwyneth Paltrow + ex-husband Chris Martin.


The goop founder and actress opened up about the subject at this year’s BlogHer conference during Friday’s keynote lunch chat. After discussing her business and the future of goop, Gywneth got real about raising kids in the digital age (and telling them, no, you’re too young for an iPhone) a discussion that turned into what exactly she says to her son and daughter as they become old enough to Google their fam.

Paltrow opened up about how she and ex-husband Martin are trying, it seems successfully, to co-parent their two children, Apple (11) and Moses (9) since their 2013 split. “I am very lucky that I have a partner willing to do this in a collaborative way. I’m really for Chris and he’s really for me and unfortunately we couldn’t stay in a romantic relationship, but we are aligned when it comes to our children being our priority.” It’s not all roses and $7,000 lavender backgammon tables in though, she clarified that not everything is a dream all the time. “Even though today you hate me and never want to see me again — we’re going to brunch because it’s Sunday and that’s what we do!” she explained with a laugh.


As many parents can surely relate, she admitted it is very difficult and says there is no one right way to do this, but it is possible to make it work. “[Our goal was] to maintain that even if we’re just changing shape a bit.”

Paltrow also spoke a bit on trying to protect her children from what they could be seeing with two celeb parents having a very publicized divorce (we all remember the attention her “conscious uncoupling” announcement got!) “You know, I told them I said daddy and I are very famous and I can’t control what you’re gonna see but you know what’s real in this house and how much we love you and how much we love each other. I think they understand there’s a difference between the outside world and us.”

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