Gwyneth Paltrow is going through a tough time and while breaking up is difficult, she’s found a solution for the, likely, second hardest thing one might have to go through in their life: redecorating one’s game room.

Goop has the scoop and it’s Windsor Smith’s Room in a Box. Total lifesaver and a helpful tool for redecorating any room in your home if you have some dolla billz to blow on gorgeous cotton candy-colored chairs to play games in. Gwyn gets it almost right: “A beautifully designed home is something we all aspire to, [ed note: true!] but hiring a world class interior designer can be cost prohibitive and eat up most of your budget. [ed note: lol]”

Snark aside, Room in a Box is a cool concept. You start with a room that you want to redecorate and upload all the stats and photos of it in its current state to the design studio’s site, including a note about which pieces you want to keep in that room. You then upload inspirational pictures of your dream room, your price point and other important info like what you want the room’s function to be. A few weeks later, they send you a box with an illustration of your new room (!!), a floor plan, fabric samples and suggestions plus a shopping list for furniture, paint and art. The shopping and assembly are up to you. (And Apple — if you’re Gwyneth.)

Gwyneth used the service to transform the living room/game room in her summer home and the Goop Troop was so into the process that Windsor Smith launched a completely shoppable version of the room inspired by GP’s actual flip.

From a $7,000 white and lavender backgammon table…

…to a dreamy $2,495 lavender chair + $2,800 custom mod stand WITH turntable…

…we would have to agree that this is pretty gorgeous.

Oo! And kinda fun.

We love the idea behind Room in a Box (and making popular dream rooms in its community shoppable for the commonish folk) but think the concept could be recreated for a lot cheaper. Until a similar service is available for the rest of us, may we suggest an economical spin through our Living section? We’re happy to hook you up with affordable projects to try DIYing this weekend ;)

What do you think of Gwyn’s Room in a Box? Is there a piece from it you think you could find or DIY for less? Share below!