We can never quite predict what Gwyneth Paltrow will throw at us, from her dreamy $40,000 Airbnb rental to the super expensive morning smoothie she starts her day with, her bee sting beauty therapy to the $66 jade egg she wants you to buy for your, uh, y鈥檏now. That鈥檚 why it seemed like the actress鈥檚 cookbooks were the safest Paltrow wisdom you could bet on, but it turns out that following her recipes could make you seriously sick.

Gwyenth Paltrow with cookbook

In a study published in the British Food Journal, 29 cookbooks that appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list were put to the test by researchers from North Carolina State University. They found that the chicken recipes in Paltrow鈥檚 2015 cookbook, My Father鈥檚 Daughter, could put anyone following the instructions at risk of salmonella and campylobacter, which can cause food poisoning.

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Apparently, the cookbook fails to include important info about the proper internal temperatures each dish should end at in order to kill off all possible bacteria in the poultry. Ben Chapman, a food safety expert and author of the study, told Gizmodo, 鈥淎t home, there is an assumption by the consumer that when a recipe says to cook something at 325 for two hours, that鈥檚 a safe thing to do. That鈥檚 not science-based. If you were in a restaurant, it would be required to cook food to a certain temperature or warn consumers with a message about undercooked meat.鈥

So the next time you pop a Paltrow recipe into the oven, you might want to do a little extra research on the necessary cooking time so that you don鈥檛 end up with some seriously unpleasant stomach pain.

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