Hello, 2016! Hello, resolutions! Whether a stepped-up fitness game is a new resolution or you鈥檙e simply getting back on the horse after the holidays, sometimes you need a little external motivation to get out the door and get moving 鈥 and that鈥檚 a-okay. We鈥檝e curated 10 amazing gym-ready accessories that will take your next butt-kicking workout from meh to mesmerizing, and will have you skipping out the door ready to break a sweat.

kale tote

1. Kale-afornia Girls Tote ($17): Whether you鈥檙e a West Coast-lovin鈥 gal or a kale-crunching babe, this tote was made for you. Its size makes it perfect for tossing in gym shoes and a change of clothes, and anything else you need for a workout.

merry maker

2. Merry Maker Perfume ($50): Breaking a sweat feels so great, but no one likes the smell that comes with it, especially if you鈥檝e dipped out of the office for a lunch break workout. Toss this tiny roll on in your gym bag and run it across your wrists on your way back to the office and you鈥檒l be smelling like a rose (literally).


3. Pop Watch ($130): Never miss a notification, even while working out, with this sweet smartwatch. Its durable design makes it the perfect workout watch too.


4. Rebel Bobbi Pin ($12): Everyone loves fringe, but whether you鈥檙e growing your bangs out or simply need to pin them out of the way during a run, this adorable bobbi pin is certainly the way to go.

cloud legging

5. Cloud Leggings ($58): Never have a more whimsical pair of leggings graced a yoga studio. You鈥檒l be the envy of all the other students with these cloud-patterned gems.

fanny pack

6. Fanny Pack ($32): If you don鈥檛 want to deal with carrying another thing or want to keep your important items聽with you during a workout, this bold and bright fanny pack is the way to go. If you鈥檙e not a fan of armbands, this is the way you鈥檒l want to carry your phone.

giving tee

7. Flowy Tee ($36): Perfect for a yoga class or a post-workout change of clothes, this flowy tee is loose and light and looks great with gym shorts or leggings. Plus it puts good vibes into the world.


8. Earbuds ($35): Music is essential for working out, and these beauties are essential for workout style. The last thing you want is poor quality music when you鈥檙e trying to get through a long run.

hustlin pullover

9. Hustlin鈥 Pullover ($38): Whether hustlin鈥 to the gym or hustlin鈥 at work or in life in general, this comfy pullover is dedicated to all the badass women out there who are killing it in this聽world (AKA all of them, because girls rule).


10. Peach Pit Duffel Bag ($59): No fitness accessory list is complete without a solid gym bag. This one聽has everything you need (think: stain-resistant material, tons of room and a cute pattern) to make this your new go-to fitness聽bag.

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